Purchasing a mobile phone

Ready for a phone upgrade? Or purchasing for a new staff member? We’re here to help – let us take you through a few tips on how to purchase.


With the majority of staff now moving to working from home as a result of the COVID-19 social distancing laws, we are smoothing the transition by temporarily increasing mobile data limits for staff with a Griffith provided Optus mobile service.

Temporary mobile data increase (staff access only)

We also have temporary mobile broadband devices (4G device with Optus Mobile Broadband plan) to provide internet access for those working remotely.  These are available to business critical staff who do not have an internet service at home and are subject to approval by your Head of Element.

Find out more about Griffith Mobile Broadband

We are monitoring the temporary status and will notify staff when we revert back to existing plans.

1. Select your device

We highly recommend selecting a recommended device from the options below, as they will be delivered within 5 business days of your payment being approved. Suggested brands include Google, Samsung and Apple.

Recommended devices

If you would prefer to order a different model, please be aware that it may take longer to be delivered (subject to availability).

2. If you need a new SIM card

Once you’ve ordered your new device, you can also purchase a new SIM card or request a new Griffith mobile phone number. If you decide to choose an Apple product, consider AppleCare.

Sim card request AppleCare

3. Order your new phone

Once you’ve made your selection, navigate to the ‘Make and manage purchases’ page, click on ‘Griffith Marketplace’ and select 'JB Hi-Fi' to order your device.

Make and manage purchases Need to make other mobile requests?

Buy a phone

In order to purchase through the Marketplace, ensure you have My Finance page access

Google Pixel 4 64GB

(Image credit: TechSpot)

Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB

(Image Credit: Engadget)

Apple iPhone XR 64GB

(Image credit: Firstpost)

Please Note: JB Hi-Fi have promotions throughout the year that we can take advantage of through Griffith Marketplace – if you see a promotion coming up, don’t hesitate to purchase during that promotion period.

** Mobile phones are purchased directly from an external supplier; all University orders are subject to stock availability and prices can change without notice.

*** When you purchase on behalf of the University, please follow the Purchasing Policy and Purchasing Procedures. Selecting one of the recommended mobile or tablet models will ensure that your mobile device purchase complies with this Policy.

Related devices:

Tablets Desktop computers

Need support?

Contact us for questions about purchasing.

Using a new Griffith mobile phone?

Here are a few tips for getting the best rom your new device:

  • Ensure the device is used in accordance with relevant University policies and procedures.
  • Take care of the device to ensure it maintains a good working order and take reasonable precautions to prevent damage or loss.
  • Keep the Operating System on your device up-to-date by completing regular updates.
  • Backup your device regularly.
  • Be aware of your mobile data usage and avoid excessive charges.
  • Contact us immediately to report devices that are lost or stolen.
  • Return the mobile phone and service if you leave the University.

Available on Griffith Marketplace

Where to purchase devices

Griffith's wide range of mobile and tablet devices can be purchased directly in the Griffith Marketplace (Staff Portal > My Finance Page > Purchase & Payments > Make & Manage Purchases > Griffith Marketplace > JB HI-FI).

Obtain access to My Finance page

To obtain access to My Finance page, follow the below navigation: Staff Portal > My Staff Page > Reports and System Access > System Access > PeopleSoft Access Form

For assistance with completing a purchase request please refer to PeopleSoft Financials User Guides or contact Purchasing.

Griffith Market Place

How to find JB HI-FI in the Marketplace

Do you require a new simcard

Have you ordered a new device from the Griffith Marketplace? Do you need a new Griffith mobile number for your device or a replacement sim for your current Griffith mobile number?

sim card

AppleCare protection plan

AppleCare provides expert telephone technical support and additional hardware service options from Apple.

Cracked phone screen

Loan phone or tablet

If you are temporarily without your own mobile or tablet, we may be able to provide you with a loan device for a short period of time.  We have a variety of phones and tablets available.  All rentals are subject to availability.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment while in your possession, including the cost of replacing equipment if necessary. The call and data costs associated with the rental are charged to a centrally funded University account.

Mobile recycling

Find out what to do with your old device.

Other Mobile Requests

International Roaming Request

Mobile Carrier Exemption Request

Transfer Custodian or Cancel Existing Service

Transfer Mobile Service to or from Griffith

New Bulk SMS Account

Self Help

Tips and guides for your mobile device.

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Please note: Email requests may take up to 2 business days to process. Support requests should be submitted via phone, webform or chat.

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