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Available phones

We only offer handsets that the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has authorised to be purchased on the Griffith Mobile Fleet.  Any exceptions will need to be approved on an individual case basis by the Director, ITI.

Optus Plans and Data Usage

Responsibility using a Griffith mobile phone

To maintain optimal use of your Griffith mobile phone, it is your responsibility to:

  • Keep the Operating System on your device up-to-date
  • Backup your device regularly
  • Be aware of your mobile data usage - we have mobile data savings tips to help avoid excessive charges
  • Use your device in accordance with the Information Technology code of practice
  • Contact us immediately to report devices that are lost or stolen
  • Return the mobile phone and service if you leave the University

Self Help


Delivery times can range from 3 days to 3 weeks. We are unable to provide an exact delivery time for your purchase as delivery is dependent on the supplier and courier service. We will contact you when we receive your new phone to arrange collection.

*Mobile phones are purchased directly from an external supplier; all University orders are subject to stock availability and prices can change without notice.

Recycling your old Device


From $499*

Colours available: Space grey, silver, gold and rose gold (subject to availability; specific colour requirements may also result in further delays due to supply).

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  • iPhone 7 from $770*
  • iPhone 8 from $980*
  • iPhone 8 Plus $1,230*

Only available on the Griffith mobile fleet if a legitimate business reason is provided and approved by the Director, ITI.

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iPhone X - not available on Griffith mobile fleet

These handsets are not available on the Griffith mobile fleet, there will be no exceptions.

iPhone 6, 6s and 6 Plus - no longer available on Griffith mobile fleet

Mobile Carrier Exemption Request


Only available if a legitimate business reason is provided and approved by the Director, ITI.

  • Google Pixel from $800*
  • Google Pixel 2 from $1080*
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 from $800*

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International Roaming

Traveling with your mobile device

Using your mobile device to make calls or download data while you are overseas can be very expensive. Familiarise yourself with the mobile device options for traveling overseas prior to departure.

Things to do before you travel overseas

  1. Review your responsibilities to ensure no unnecessary or excessive expenditure is incurred as specified in the Griffith Travel Policy and IT Code of practice
  2. Familiarise yourself with your mobile device settings so you can switch off data roaming before you depart Australia.
  3. Set up Eduroam.
  4. Turn off all call forwards to your mobile.
  5. Choose the best mobile coverage option when travelling overseas a per below table
  6. Print a copy of the Read before you travel guide to take with you as a reference.
  7. Implement practices to avoid excessive charges when using international roaming.
OptionProsConsHow to Action

Local SIM Card/Phone Number

Highly recommended when travelling to a single destination

Cost effective as you are charged local rates. Available to be purchased at most airportsNot viable if travelling to multiple countries.

Simply insert newly purchased SIM.

Note. Some phones may need to be unlocked. Log a job by contacting us.


Recommended when travelling to an educational institution

Ability to access a wireless network using Griffith credentials.Only available at participating institutions.Configure your device to the Eduroam wireless network.

FREE WiFi Hotspots

Recommended wherever available

Free and available at various locations (hotels, McDonalds, Starbucks, cafes, airports).Less secure, only available in hotspot locationsConfigure your device to the free WiFi network.
International RoamingCan set up roaming on existing Griffith mobile serviceExtremely expensive and costs are not included in your standard Griffith mobile call and data plan.Refer to International roaming to log a job to request roaming to be activateD.

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