Meeting Rooms

There are three types of video conference rooms available at the university, these are the Basic, Standard and Advanced Video Conferencing Rooms.

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Virtual, dual screen, advanced and general meeting rooms


Suitable for:

  • Executive Office or Small Meeting Room
  • Sharing content from a laptop or other device
  • < 4m room size


  • One screen
  • Wall mounted or a mobile unit
  • 1 x VGA/HDMI input


Suitable for:

  • Medium to Large Meeting Room
  • Sharing content from a laptop or other device
  • 2m to 8m room size


  • One or two screens
  • Wall mounted
  • 1 x VGA/HDMI input


Suitable for:

  • Large Meeting Room
  • Sharing content from a laptop or other device
  • 4m to 8m room size


  • Two screens
  • Wall mounted
  • Includes a Projector, House PC, Blu Ray Player (not available in all rooms)
  • 2 x VGA/HDMI inputs

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Video Conferencing Etiquette

Video conferencing in business meetings or for industry engagement may be new to some staff members. This will outline behaviours to be mindful of when in a video conference environment at the university.

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What is Etiquette?

Etiquette refers to a set of behaviours or community standards that a group of people have agreed to abide by. The following information outlines these behaviours in a video conferencing environment at the university.


Compared to other social technologies like mobile phones, email, and text messaging, video conferences today lack rules of engagement in a university environment. Most standards have been inherited from the audio conferencing world, where muting, not interrupting, and paying attention to the speaker are accepted courtesies.

But as real-time and on-demand visual communication increases, standards for video etiquette is developing. Here are a few key points to follow that will make your video conference experience a positive one.

Prior to the video conference meeting

  1. Prepare and distribute an agenda prior to the video conference meeting
  2. Appoint a chairperson to run the meeting and to maintain the agenda plus host the introductions
  3. Chairperson to be familiar with the video conference meeting room and video conference equipment prior to the conference commencing

Clothing, motion and light

  1. Avoid wearing busy patterns or bright colours – solid, rich colours look the best on screen
  2. Check to make sure all room lights are on
  3. Be aware of light coming through windows in the room


  1. Begin any video conference meeting like you would a normal face to face meeting
  2. Always assume you are on camera and connected when meeting in a video conference meeting
  3. When speaking for the first time, introduce yourself – speak clearly, there is no need to shout
  4. Small noises can be very distracting so please avoid shuffling paper, drumming fingers, or carrying on side conversations – keep body movements to a minimum
  5. Do not focus solely on the local participants and ignore the video conference attendees – be courteous to other participants
  6. When speaking always ask or give time for others to ask questions
  7. Move and gesture slowly and naturally
  8. Taking turns talking – if you wish to speak, wait for a suitable pause or make a silent visual signal to indicate you would like to talk
  9. Assume you are always on camera, even when not speaking

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Virtual Meeting Rooms

Virtual meeting rooms allow you to collaborate with Griffith staff and external participants. Participants call into a virtual meeting room and are automatically connected, removing the responsibility for one person to setup the video conference.


Suitable For:

  • Meeting with multiple people, internal and external to Griffith
  • Sharing content from a laptop or other device
  • Use in video conference meetings rooms.


You don't require a video conferencing room, can be used from anywhere and any device:

  • Video phone
  • Mobile or home phone
  • Jabber

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Teaching Spaces

There are two types of video conference enabled teaching spaces at the university, these are the Seminar Rooms and Lecture Theatres.

University seminar rooms allow for teaching classes over video conferencing and can also be used for general meetings. Note: priority will be given for teaching bookings. The University seminar rooms do not support high definition display but can interface with all other video conference systems.


  • G01 2.12
  • L05 3.04A
  • N06 0.25
  • M24 2.37


  • G02 1.24
  • G17 LTH 3
  • G40_Auditorium
  • L06 Auditorium
  • M23 Auditorium
  • M15 3.13
  • N55 0.06
  • S07 1.23

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