Collaborate with others virtually

Virtual Meeting Room is a virtual meeting space where multiple participants both internal and external can call in using video and/or voice to collaborate in a single conference call. Participants call into a virtual meeting room and are automatically connected, removing the responsibility for one person to setup the video conference. Virtual meeting rooms can be secured with a PIN for private meetings internal or external to Griffith, or open to public for forums or large scale conferences.

Meeting internal participants only?

Try using Microsoft Teams - an online meeting experience with audio, video, chat, screen sharing and document editing all in one place.

Benefits of a Virtual Meeting Room

  • Multiple participants can call into your meeting from anywhere in the world.
  • Participants can dial themselves into your meeting at their own convenience.*
  • More sustainable, cost-effective way to meet rather than traveling between campuses.
  • Increases opportunities for participants to attend remotely.
  • Attendance can be restricted using a password.


If video conferencing is not required, a Virtual Meeting Room can be used from anywhere and on any device:

  • Video phone
  • Mobile or home phone
  • Jabber

Many departments and schools manage their own Virtual Meeting Rooms, please contact your administrator or secretary for information on their Virtual Meeting Room and availability.

*Attendees external to Griffith will need the complete dialing code, see Virtual Meeting Room dialing information for more details.

Booking a Virtual Meeting Room

  1. Go to your Calendar.
  2. Create an event or edit an existing event by opening the event clicking Edit.
  3. Expand the event options, by clicking More options
  4. Click in the room or location field and select Browse more rooms.
  5. Click in the room list search field and select Virtual Meeting Room. There are four overflow / GU bookable Virtual Meeting Rooms that you can use, or your area may have one available for you.
    1. Virtual Room - 50813 - GU Bookable
    2. Virtual Room - 50814 - GU Bookable
    3. Virtual Room - 50815 - GU Bookable
    4. Virtual Room - 50816 - GU Bookable.
  6. Select an available Virtual Meeting Room.
  7. Click Save.

If you cannot find a virtual meeting room that suits you, contact:

Adding a Virtual Meeting Room to your calendar

If you have been allocated a Virtual Meeting Room, it will be listed in your Calendar under Other
Calendars. If it isn’t there, you can add it manually.

  1. Click Import calendar
  2. Click From directory
  3. Enter the name of the calendar
  4. Click Add

Sharing a Virtual Meeting Room

A Virtual Meeting Room is classed as a Resource through Calendars. To share a Virtual Meeting Room with others you will need to update the Distribution List.

Virtual Meeting Room dialing information

Internal Dialling into Virtual Meeting Room

External dialling via telephone or mobile into a Virtual Meeting Room

External dialling via video conferencing dialling into a Virtual Meeting Room

Virtual Meeting Room PIN

Virtual Meeting Room information template for calendar invites

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