Mobile broadband is internet connection provided over a mobile network (e.g. Optus).  It can be used when working from home or off campus.

You can use mobile broadband by plugging the USB device (also known as a USB modem or dongle) directly into your computer (laptop or desktop) for instant Internet access.

Griffith provided Mobile Broadband: Unavailable from end April 2021

From April 2021 Griffith Mobile Broadband will no longer be available to staff working from home.  The University is now encouraging staff to Return to Campus as the primary place of work, so this service will no longer be provided to staff.  If you have approved flexible working arrangements with your supervisor, the expectation is for you to use your own home internet or purchase a mobile broadband service at your own cost.

Optus Mobile Broadband was available as an interim solution during campus shutdowns early 2020.  This was available only as a temporary arrangement in response to COVID-19 and will not be a continued service.  Griffith Mobile Broadband provided staff with a short term option as they work to improve or establish an internet service at their home.


All costs associated with mobile broadband including equipment ($155) and usage costs are the responsibility of your Element. Any excess data usage will be charged at $4.00 per GB. All monthly plans cost $40 and include 50 GB of data charged monthly.  We also have some tips to save on data usage and costs.

How to use

  • Plug mobile broadband into your the USB port on your computer.
  • Click to open the USB drive and follow instructions to install.
  • Do not action major software updates using mobile broadband or you will run the risk of using up your mobile data quota.

IMPORTANT: Mobile data usage costs are expensive.  Mobile broadband is provided for University business and should only be used in accordance with the Information Technology Code of Practice.

Data usage

How to reduce data usage and improve your connection

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