Remote access to university resources

We offer a number of way of gaining flexible remote access to university resources including modem dial-up and wireless broadband, whether in Australia or abroad.

If you are a first time user, please read Getting connected to find about the different methods of connection available and which one will be right for you.

For more information about what resources are available to remote access users please see Accessing resources. Finally if you have any suggestions or feedback please let us know.

Accessing resources

Once you have got network connectivity, you need to access other resources you may want. In most cases you should be able to use internet and check your mail once you are connected, but to be able to get to some restricted resources you will need additional applications

Getting remotely connected


4G wireless Broadband provides high-speed wireless internet and data network access over a wide area. The benefit of using 4G is that you can access the internet or download files from your laptop wherever you are.

To receive wireless Internet, a wireless modem is connected to your laptop which then communicates using radio signals to your WISP s receiver. Our preferred WISP is Optus, however if you travel in rural destinations, we can arrange for Telstra Broadband on the Next G network.

Limitations of 4G

There are some limitations of using 4G wireless broadband:

  • Coverage is limited - in certain rural areas it may be unavailable
  • Connectivity - wireless offers slightly slower data speeds than ADSL or cable, although this is improving with the introduction of HSDPA which allows higher data transfer speeds and capacity
  • Reliability - as with any service that relies on radio waves, there is the chance that external interference can cause disruptions in signal quality. For example, signal quality may be diminished during unusual weather or inside buildings
  • Cost - using Wireless Broadband while traveling overseas will incur high rates for data downloads. These rates may vary according to the costs charged by the foreign network operator

Charges and devices

For details on the current Optus Wireless Broadband rate plans and the different modem devices available, please refer to Optus Wireless Broadband (PDF 86k).

If you travel in rural destinations and require Telstra Next G coverage, we have details of Telstra Wireless Broadband rate plans and the different modem devices available. Refer to Telstra Wireless Broadband (PDF 325k).

How to Order

To order 4G wireless broadband, we require the following information:

  1. Name of person using service
  2. Your preferred rate plan (Note: the standard rate plan is Optus 5gig)
  3. The device you require
  4. Griffith Account details for purchase and usage charges, including the Speedtype (eg: XYZ1001) and Class (eg: MAINT)
  5. Authoriser (person must have financial delegation)

Please email to order your 4G wireless broadband.

Connection types:

ConnectionDomesticInternational Access speed
3G / 4G / LTE Wireless broadband NO YES up to 30  Mbps

eduroam wireless network

YES NO up to 300  Mbps

The first step is to get connected. There are a few ways this can be done and they depend on your physical location.

Network storage

This service is available to anyone with a valid Griffith computer account and provides you with secure access to network files stored on our Active Directory Servers.

You can log onto the Network Storage to access your files from:

  1. your home computer using a private Internet Service Provider together with virtual private networking software
  2. your laptop using the Griffith University wireless network in a campus smart zone

Log into Network Storage:

  • Staff login: enter your Active Directory username (e.g. s1234567, e1234567, hrmperson, fbsperson) and Active Directory password
  • Student login: enter your student number (e.g. s1234567) and password

Staff login:

Staff Storage

Student login:

Student Storage

Mobile G drive

Griffith University Staff G Drive Storage on your mobile device

You will need to configure your mobile device to use the Griffith University Staff G Drive Storage. You only need to do this once. Setup guides are available for various mobile operating systems to help you get connected.

Select your operating system below and follow the instructions to get connected.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Android devices

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