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Browse all mass communication tools available. From sending bulk SMS to broadcasting email messaging across the organisation.

Bulk SMS

The bulk SMS service allows you to send an SMS (Short Messaging Service) to multiple students or staff from your mobile device or desktop computer, via our service provider SMS Global. Apply for new account after Head of element approval.

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Service costs are 8 cents per SMS*. As per the enterprise agreement, the more messages Griffith sends each month, the cheaper the rate.  For an estimate on price, refer to SMS Global pricing.

A central university account covers all costs associated with SMS Global (including set up and usage charges).  New accounts need approval and usage will continue to be monitored and reported to Head of School or Division every month.


Please be aware when sending SMS on behalf of Griffith you need to abide by Griffith Policies including, but not limited to:

New account request

Access SMS Global

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Broadcast email system (BES)

The Broadcast Email System (BES) is used to communicate official University business to the University community. Email can be sent to all students and staff, a specific campus or a select group. It can also be used to send to external recipients.

Obtain / modify Access

Only authorised users can access BES . To obtain or modify access to BES you need to seek approval from the relevant member of the Executive Group or delegate.

Once you have received the approval, complete the Request/edit/remove access form and a request will be logged to the appropriate team for actioning. Note: you will need to provide proof of the approval when you are applying or modifying access.

Access levels

There are two roles in BES, these are Creator and Approver.


As a Creator, you can create, draft, edit and delete an email that you have created.


As an Approver, you can create, draft, edit, approve, delete or reject emails that you or someone else has created.

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