About the Staff Directory

The Griffith staff directory displays contact information for University staff.  You can update your contact information via self service in the My Staff Page on the Staff Portal. The details displayed will be a combination from your HR profile and additional information that you provide. Contact information is displayed by school / department with staff listed alphabetically.

Staff can choose to display their contact information either internally to the Griffith community (Griffith Single Sign-On required), externally to the general public or to opt out altogether.

Changes to the Staff Directory: What's different?

  • Staff appear in their department in alphabetical order by surname.
  • Department information aligns with the HR organisational structure.
  • Staff can self-manage whether they appear in the staff directory (opt in), preferred Email, Phone number, Mobile, Building location and specialised roles.
  • Staff can only advertise a single entry.
  • Fax number is removed.
  • Future enhancements: Bug fixes, appearance of General information, advertise work days/hours, titles (prefix or suffix eg post OAM, AO) and more!

My Staff Directory Profile page

Update contact information

How to update your contact information

Name, position title or department

Phone extension

Location, mobile and additional special roles

Opt in (or out) of staff directory

Delete a staff directory entry

Troubleshooting tips

Why are my contact details not appearing in the Staff Directory?

How do I change my preferred name?

How do I update my department?

How do I change my job title?

Why is my phone extension incorrect in my Griffith provided data?

How do I add a general contact number?


Future improvements to the staff directory are due to be completed end 2021. These include:

  • Bug fixes from phase 1 rollout (remove duplicates, add missing data etc.)
  • Investigate possibility to import Griffith Experts position data for academic staff.
  • Additional field to add work days/hours in My Staff Directory Profile page.
  • Updates to My Staff Directory Profile page to make it more user friendly.
  • Improved hierarchy structure by moving general contact information to top of page and addressing hierarchy changes.
  • Automating specialised roles from other systems (e.g Building Wardens).
  • Improving display so general entries appear in department first, followed by executive staff, then staff in alphabetical order.

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