About the Staff Directory

Our Griffith staff directory displays contact information for University staff and it is accessible by the Griffith community and the general public.

By default Griffith staff directory entries will display to the general public in the Griffith Staff Directory, with the exception of Corporate Services who are set to private/internal view only (Griffith Single Sign-On is required to view these entries).

On hold: Updates to phone book / staff directory

Updates to the staff directory (phonebook) are currently not available. Digital Solutions are in the process of creating a new self service portal where staff can view and edit their own contact information. This improvement will be available late April 2021. Details coming soon.

Why Change?

In response to R2S workplace changes, Digital Solutions have been working to streamline processes making it easier for your to keep your contact information up to date.  Information such as your name, job title and department will be sourced directly from Human Resource data.  We have created a Self Service portal where you can add your own location information, additional specialised roles (such as Fire Warden or First Aid Officer), mobile numbers or alternative extension number if you work on a contact centre (such as Student Connect or the IT Service Centre).  You can even choose to opt out of the Staff Directory.

New staff 

If your phone handset/extension was used by someone before you, you may need to log a request to change the owner of your extension / update the phone profile so your name and Griffith ID (sNumber) are linked to the extension.

Request extension number / desk phone (phone profile update)

About desk extensions and phone profiles

Remove staff who have left the University

Staff will automatically be removed from the Staff Directory 30 days after they have ceased employment with Griffith.

Displaying Specialised Roles

Staff with specialised roles including building warden, first aid officer, justice of the peace etc within the University can be displayed in the directory upon request.

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Please note: Email requests may take up to 2 business days to process. Support requests should be submitted via phone, webform or chat.

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