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Maintaining your Griffith Mobile Device

To maintain optimal use of your Griffith mobile device (phone or tablet), it is your responsibility to:

  • Keep the Operating System on your device up-to-date - the benefits of updating your software include improving performance and security, fixing bugs and errors and providing product enhancements (including new network settings that may improve your mobile coverage).
  • Backup your device - we strongly recommend that you back up your device regularly (at least once a month) so you will have a copy of your information to use if your device fails, is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Be aware of your mobile data usage - we have iPhone mobile data savings tips that can help avoid excessive charges.

Usage Alerts

iPhone* Data Saving Tips

We have some tricks to help you reduce your the mobile data usage (also known as cellar data depending on your device models and operating system).

* Android devices have similar data saving capabilities - check your online manual for details.

Disable Wi-Fi Assist

WiFi assist lets you stay connected to the Internet when WiFi signal strength is weak by automatically switching over to use Mobile data. You can turn this function off under Settings > Mobile > Scroll to the bottom to Wi-Fi Assist then slide toggle to off.

Disable Background App Refresh

Background apps refresh automatically updates your app content in the background. You can disable this function and it may even help with your battery life. Settings > General > Scroll down to Background App Refresh then slide toggle to off.

Alternatively, you can review your list of apps and turn off Background Refresh for a select few.

Disable Automatic Downloads

If you have made an iTunes purchase on another device, you can select to download it to your iphone via WiFi only. Settings >  iTunes and App Stores > Scroll down to Use Mobile Data and slide toggle to off.

Turn Off Cellular Data Usage for iCloud

If you use iCloud to backup your iPhone, it could be using the mobile network to transfer documents and data. Settings > Mobile > Scroll down to bottom to iCloud Drive and slide toggle to off.

Avoid Streaming High-Quality Music

Apple has created the option to stream high quality music regardless of your being on Wi-Fi or cellular / mobile data.  The higher the quality, the more data is needed to stream! Settings > Music > Scroll down to Mobile Data and slide toggle to off.

Alternatively, if mobile data is turned on, then you can see 2 options, either streaming or high Quality Streaming.  Toggle the high Quality Streaming to off.

Disable Autoplay Videos on Apps

Some social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Twitter automatically play videos which can use a lot of data.  Switch off auto-play via the app settings.

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VoLTE and WiFi Callling

Services on the Griffith mobile fleet have now been provisioned for VoLTE (Voice over LTE). VoLTE gives you the ability to talk and browse simultaneously on 4G connection with the added capability of WiFi Calling.

WiFi Calling allows you to make and receive Calls, MMS and SMS over a WiFi network. This is great news if you are in a location with low cellular signal as you can now connect to a supported WiFi network to make a call.

Important: calling emergency triple zero on VoLTE & WiFi

Advice from Optus: There are some limitations on calling Triple Zero on VoLTE and WiFi.  Find out details.

Get the Emergency+ App developed by Australia's emergency services to prove critical location details required to mobilise emergency services.

Mobile coverage

We are working with Optus, our preferred Griffith mobile carrier, to improve mobile signal coverage in black spot areas and there are ways you can help!

Use Wi-Fi Hotspots to Boost your Network Coverage

WiFi Talk is an app developed by Optus that lets you make and receive calls and texts using your Optus mobile number over a WiFi connection. Find out more about Optus WiFi Talk

Improve your Mobile Coverage

To improve the coverage on your device, there are some basic troubleshooting checks you can do:

Update your carrier settings: Occasionally you will receive notifications on your device to install new carrier setting updates. These updates can affect network, calling, cellular data, messaging, personal hotspots and voice mail settings, so make sure your device software and carrier settings are up to date. Learn more about updating your carrier settings for an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) For other devices, please refer to your manual.

Refresh your network connections: If you have travelled out of network range then back onto the network, you may need to refresh your connection. To do this, power off your mobile device and then turn it back on again.

Check if your location is causing signal interference: The device or its signal reception may not work properly if you are in the following surroundings:

  • Inside a building or underground car park
  • Driving through a tunnel (such as Clem 7) or mountain range
  • Under a tin roof
  • In a forest or bushland
  • During a storm or heavy rainfall

We can Improve Coverage Inside a Griffith Building

If signal coverage is an issue inside a building on a Griffith campus, let us know as we may be able to install a repeater. A repeater receives a signal and re-transmits it at a higher level giving you better mobile coverage in buildings.

Make sure iOS Carrier settings are up to date

Learn about the carrier setting updates for your iPhone or iPad.

Getting Started with your Wingle (wifi device)

About WiFi Talk

WiFi Talk is an app that allows you to make and receive calls and texts over a wiFi connection when mobile coverage is limited. WiFi Talk will be charged to your mobile bill with the same inclusions and rates as your normal mobile rate plan.

How to get WiFi Talk

You can download the Optus WiFi Talk app from Apple Store or Google Play - its free!

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