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With the continual innovation of new technology, the life expectancy of your mobile device can be as short as 3 years before you need to update.

At Griffith, we are committed to finding sustainable solutions for end of life electronics as part of the E-Waste / Sustainability campaign and have provided recycling stations on each campus.

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Remove your personal data before recycling

We have seen an increase in the number of phones being dropped off to be recycled that still have access to the owners highly confidential data, private text messages, personal photos, online accounts and even banking passwords. To avoid the risk of having your accounts hacked or money stolen, remember to remove your personal data before you recycle.

Important steps before recycling your device

  • Back up the device
  • Manually remove any personal information (a factory reset does not necessary delete all personal information)
  • Log out online accounts  (iCloud, iTunes, App Store, Google Play etc) and social media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Manually turn off any Find My Phone applications (i.e. Find my iPhone and Android Device Manager)
  • Unpair any devices such as car media or iWatch
  • Perform a factory reset
  • Remove SIM card

Mobile Muster

Not for profit mobile phone recycling program. They provide general advice on how to remove your devices.

Apple iOS

The Apple Renew program is available to recycle Apple devices at any Apple Store and online. They provide advice on how to recycle and steps to remove personal information from your device prior to recycling.


Android provides steps to factory reset your Android device to remove personal information and provide links to the manufacturers' support site for device-specific instructions.

Reset your Android Device

Manufacturers' Support Site

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