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Griffith University is committed to effective creation, maintenance, and management of academic and general staff positions in order to support strategic objectives and reflect current and future operations at the University.

Position management

Position Management provides a framework for equitable remuneration for work effort, workforce planning, the operation of delegations and approvals, staff budget planning, and effective organisational design.

The following guidelines are available to assist you in planning and managing positions within your Element and/or Group division.

Position management guidelines

How to create a new position

How to modify an existing position

General staff

Sample position descriptions are available to assist you as a guide in the design of new position descriptions.


You can find Classifications Descriptors for all HEW levels in the General Staff Enterprise Agreement. The following documents are available to assist you with the Classification process


The reclassification process is designed to evaluate the value of the position duties and responsibilities, not the performance, level of skill or qualifications of any current employee.

All position reclassification requests must be accompanied by both the current and preferred position descriptions, an outline of the position changes and a coversheet.

There are documents are available to assist you with the re-classification process·

Position Reclassification with current incumbent

Position Classification Coversheet for existing positions

Academic staff

Position description templates in accordance with the Staff Classification Standards are below.

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