Research internships overview

Test your capabilities as a researcher, develop transferable and professional skills, and gain valuable insights into work expectations outside of academia with a research internship. Internships can be undertaken any time between confirmation and conferral of your degree .

During a one- to six-month placement, you will apply your research skills to solve an industry-relevant problem within a corporate, government, non-government or community organisation. In exchange, your internship provider will provide you with support, mentoring and feedback on your performance.

Is an HDR internship right for you?

HDR internships are available to research candidates currently enrolled at Griffith University who meet the following criteria:

  1. Your confirmation milestone has been met.
  2. All other milestones are up to date.
  3. You remain enrolled or will be under examination during the internship.
  4. Your principal supervisor supports your involvement with the internship as an optional activity and confirms you will still be able to complete your program in a timely manner.

What next?

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