Looking for a promotion?

If you're achieving great things for Griffith you may be eligible for an academic promotion. Find out how the process works and how to apply.

Promotion rounds for academic staff will be conducted annually.  At Griffith, the promotion process is: Collegial - A peer review process - determined upon merit, in terms of achievement.Merit-based - Not constrained by a quota system. Transparent - Candidates have the opportunity to view and respond to Supervisor reports.

What do I need to know?

1.  Build your case
  • Familiarise yourself with the criteria for promotion as outlined within the Promotion for Academic Staff Policy and Procedure and the Promotion for Research-only Academic Staff Procedures.
  • Discuss your plans with your Head of School/Supervisor (if not Head of School) and also, if applying for level D or E, your Dean,  Academic (or Dean, Research if you are research only) and Pro Vice Chancellor. Don’t wait for the round to commence, early engagement here is important in ensuring your application is the best it can be.
  • Build your case for promotion. Provide evidence in the areas relevant to your profile of Teaching/Research/Service & Engagement; or Teaching/Scholarship/Service & Engagement.
  • Identify appropriate referees and ensure they are willing and available to act within the time frame.
2. Attend a briefing

Briefings are presented to provide information about promotion processes, frequently asked questions, and advice regarding how to build your case for promotion and evidence your claims. Briefing sessions will be held within your academic group with details of these advised to you directly.

Additionally, dedicated sessions will be held at Nathan and Gold Coast campuses for staff applying to senior levels D and E.

Academic women wishing to apply for promotion to levels D or E are also encouraged to attend the women only information session.

3. Complete documentation

The following documentation forms your application. Please clearly state in your application the level in which you are applying for promotion:

All applications:

Academic Level D:

Academic Level E:

4. Submit your application Details on how to submit your promotion application will be available soon.
5. Information for Committee Members Committee members will be able to access applications via SharePoint following the submission deadline as per current practice.


Appeals against non-promotion may only be made on the grounds of the University's failure in a significant way to comply with its own procedures. The academic merits of a case for promotion and the judgement of the Committee or other decision maker may not be used as the basis for an appeal.

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