Approach to Academic Probation

All new academic staff appointed to a continuing or fixed-term position will normally be required to serve a period of probation. The probation period is part of the appointment process and offers a period of mutual testing to determine whether there is an appropriate match between the individual, the job and the work environment.

During probation, academic staff members are required to demonstrate to an acceptable level that they have performed the duties and responsibilities assigned to them, including meeting the relevant academic classification (see Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement) and professional conduct standards by the University as part of their position.

What do I need to know?

What if I am promoted whilst on probation?

The standard length of probation for a continuing appointment is three years. In exceptional circumstances and having regard to the nature of the job, the Head of Element may recommend to the relevant senior officer that a longer period of probation be applied, or that a shorter period of probation be applied, or that the probation period be waived.

Standard length of probation for fixed-term contracts

The probationary period for a fixed-term staff member will be a minimum of three months and/or up to one third of the fixed-term contract.

I am on probation, what do I need to do?

The Academic Staff Probation and Confirmation Procedures require probationary staff members to be considered for confirmation during the ASCD/AMRP annual review period.

During the probationary period you will be expected to:

  • Participate in an initial meeting with your supervisor within the first four weeks of your commencement to clarify expectations of your role, workload allocation and commence development of your ASCD Plan or AMRP document.
  • Participate in regular review discussions with your supervisor in line with the annual review cycle.

For your final probation review, continuing staff members prepare ASCD/AMRP documentation for consideration at the closest annual review to the end of your probationary period. Fixed term staff members will prepare ASCD/AMRP documentation for consideration within three months of the end of your probationary period.

What does my supervisor need to do?

Your supervisor will be expected to:

  • Meet with you within the first 4 weeks of your commencement to outline the expectations of your role and formalise the development of your ASCD Plan.
  • Meet with you for regular discussions to provide feedback on progress and assist with career development planning.

Consider your documentation and conduct a formal final review, taking into account the probation standards (see below), and provide a recommendation for confirmation of appointment in accordance with the Procedures.

Where do I submit my documents?

In 2019, ASCD/AMRP documentation will be submitted via My Staff Page > Performance and Careers > My Performance Review.

What are probation standards?

Probation standards refer to the expectations that need to be met in order to achieve confirmation of appointment.  These standards refer to any conditions outlined in your letter of offer along with the duties and responsibilities of the role and any specific probationary objectives.

When will the final review for confirmation of appointment occur?

Prior to the expiration of the probationary period, your supervisor will meet with you to conduct a formal final review taking into account the probationary standards and provide a recommendation on confirmation of appointment to the Head of Element.

The final review will normally occur during the annual performance and career planning conversation closest to the end of your probationary period.

I have completed my probation, now what?

When you have completed your probationary period, you will then continue to participate in the ASCD cycle for the duration of your continuing appointment or fixed-term contract.

I am on a fixed-term appointment, do I need to complete an annual ASCD form?

Fixed-term staff who are employed for 12 months or more are required to participate in the ASCD cycle.

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