Using Learning@Griffith for teaching:

Learning@Griffith can be used to:

  • make lecture notes and other documents available for students to download
  • post announcements (e.g. information on upcoming classes, room or timetable changes, reminders about assignments or special events)
  • allow students to communicate and collaborate amongst themselves using Discussion Boards and online group spaces
  • provide access to Lecture Capture recordings
  • create and deliver online tests, including online exams
  • handle online assignment submission, allowing students to submit assignments easily from on or off campus, and allow you to mark assignments online
  • disseminate marks and feedback for assessment items

If you wish to use Learning@Griffith, a course site will be available for your course automatically - you do not need to request that a space be created.  Each new cohort of students goes into a new course site, so that students who have taken the course in previous teaching periods can continue to access the site they were enrolled in without affecting the current teaching period.

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A - Z of tools

Getting started

Getting course material online

You can do all of the work on your Learning@Griffith course site yourself. There is training offered to assist you in learning how to use Learning@Griffith effectively. You can also find information on using all of the tools in Learning@Griffith on this website.  Click the links in the menu to find out about the many tools available to you.

If your course was developed by Griffith University Educational Designers and web multimedia developers, you may be eligible for the course maintenance service provided by your School.  Course maintenance is a content update service offered to clients with existing Learning@Griffith course websites that have been professionally developed at Griffith. Upon request, we can update course content, dates, links, and teaching staff information in the course site.  To find out more about these services, please contact us.

Each trimester or teaching period

You need to be aware that every trimester you will have the option of copying course content from a previous trimester into the new course site, or beginning again with a blank course site. All teaching staff should check Learning@Griffith before the trimester begins to ensure that correct and current course materials are present. If you need assistance or clarification of processes, you can contact us. If your course material is out-of-date, the course site can be made unavailable to students until such time as you are able to update it.  If you are teaching the same material to multiple cohorts of students -  for example from different campuses - it's possible to join course sites so that all the students are working in the same course site.

Preparing a course site

Both new and experienced Course Convenors who are working on Learning@Griffith course sites for upcoming teaching periods are encouraged to refer to our checklist on preparing a course site.  Our team regularly reviews the list of tools in the Learning@Grififth system and optimises the steps in the list below to prevent backtracking during course setup - thus saving you time.  You'll also be prompted to perform a few simple checks that can reduce the incidence of technical support issues for students once the course is underway.

If you are unable to find an upcoming course offering using the Learning@Griffith course search feature then it is possible the course has not yet been created. Please refer to the Exams and Timetabling timeline for dates regarding course creation.

Preparing a course site for a new teaching period

Exams and Timetabling Timeline

More information

Getting access to Learning@Griffith Navigating Learning@Griffith Accessing Learning@Griffith while mobile Training Role-specific Learning@Griffith accounts

Content tools

Use these tools to add content and resources to your course site. Click the links below to access information about the various content tools.

Adaptive release Content items Content editor Content collection Course profiles Edit mode Embedded media Glossary manager LAMS Mashups Naming files Publisher content Readings Tweaks User progress Video

Assessment tools

Teaching staff assess to test student knowledge, measure student progress and gather information. There are a number of assessment tools available within Learning@Griffith.

  • When preparing assignment submission points for students, ensure you always check your course site and course profile for assignment submission information that has previously been communicated to students.
  • If you are choosing an appropriate tool for submissions, refer to our online assignment submission options.
  • Other tools can also be used for assessable tasks - for example, Blackboard Collaborate for conducting presentations with online students - but using these options require the instructor to create the appropriate columns in the Mark Centre. You might like to look through the list of Communication and Collaboration tools for alternate assessment options.

Click the links below to access information about the available tools.

Assignment Inline marking PebblePad Mark Centre Rubrics SafeAssign Self and peer assessment Tests and surveys Text Matching Turnitin Online assignment submission options Managing assessment submission issues Managing late submissions

Communication and collaboration

Communication and collaboration tools allow you to interact with your students, and allow students to interact with one another.  Many of the tools in Learning@Griffith are designed to be used by groups as well as individuals, offering opportunities for small group collaboration as well as collaboration across cohorts or all students in the course.

Select from the links below to view information about the available tools.

Announcements Blog Collaborate Ultra Course Teams Discussion board Email Group Manager Groups Journal jPoll jTool Office 365 Padlet PebblePad Portfolios Wiki VoiceThread

Administration tools

Administration tools help you with the administrative aspect of your course or Organisation site. You'll use these tools most often when you are setting up your site.

Select a link from below to access help and support material.

Access statistics Alignments Blackboard Ally Certificate of completion Contacts (Staff information) Copy course Course availability Course ID Course menu Customisation Join courses Notifications Organisations Performance dashboard Retention centre Roles Student preview mode Tools Teaching staff access Users

Lecture capture

Lecture Capture technology allows you to record sound and screen content of a presentation and make it available to students as a learning resource on a Learning@Griffith course site.

The Lecture Capture Service can be used to capture teaching activities in a number of ways. Lecturers can:

  • use one of our many Lecture Capture venues to record in-class activities
  • record presentations using the Echo360 Universal Capture software that can be installed on a computer for recording in-office or at home
  • upload recordings made using other software or equipment, including the Create your Own video studio
  • run Active Learning presentations that allow students to be more involved with the lecture content

Echo360 (Active Learning Platform)

The Lecture Capture Service is delivered using:

Echo360 (Active Learning Platform)

More information about this tool, including how to create and upload content from outside of a lecture theatre, is available by following the link.

The most important information for teaching staff is that a link must be manually added to Learning@Griffith before the recordings are accessible to students. See:

Adding an Echo360 link to a Learning@Griffith course site

Once this link has been manually added, all users can access and upload their Lecture Capture content through the Echo360 Home page in the Learning@Griffith course site.

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Learning@Griffith specialist technical support is available Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.  At other times, IT Service Centre staff may be able to assist you.


The Learning@Griffith Support Team provide technical support for the Learning@Griffith system. Learning Futures works in partnership with Academic and Administrative elements across Griffith to support the attainment of our Learning and Teaching goals. Visit our Training page for more information on accessing services provided by Learning Futures.

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