PebblePad is a Personal Learning Environment consisting of two main tools: Pebble+ and ATLAS. There is no special account setup required for Griffith Staff and Students in PebblePad - you'll be able to log in using Single Sign-On by following the instructions below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Refer to the Teaching Tools outside of Learning@Griffith page before using PebblePad to create any learning and teaching materials.

Logging in to PebblePad

Do not create a trial account.   There is no way to link your Griffith account with a Trial account.
Once a trial account expires, you will need to manually re-create all of the Assets and Resources created using the trial account.

  1. Go to
    PebblePad Login
  3. If you are a current Staff member or student, select I have an IT account at this organisation
  4. Click Login to PebblePad
  5. If you have not already logged into Griffith Single Sign-On, you will now be prompted to do so
  6. Once you've signed in, you'll be taken to your Pebble+ dashboard

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