Content filter tool

See all myGriffith content items listed on one page and dynamically filter by name, audience, status, etc.

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Content filter tool

Link checker

Griffith link checker is a customised browser extension for Google Chrome which enables you to instantly find any broken links on a page and report them with the click of a button.

Link checker

Statistics and reporting

Google Analytics event tracking is used in myGriffith to enable accurate reporting on user activity. If you require statistics about user activity within myGriffith the 'Google Analytics Events — cheat sheet' may be of value to you.

Statistics and reporting

Homepage tiles

See all myGriffith homepage tiles listed in one spreadsheet and review their timing and audience attributes.

Homepage tiles sheet

Student poll schedule

See details about the timing and config of the myGriffith student polls. This predominantly focuses on the timetable and enrolment polls, but may from time include details for an ad-hoc poll if there is one.

Student poll schedule document

Carousel images

Help creating effective images and displaying them on carousels in myGriffith pages.

Carousel images

What's on (events)

Help adding events which display in the "What's on" sections in myGriffith pages.

What's on

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Audience (personalisation)

Content coming soon … tips about selecting an audience.

Other resources

Numerous other resources are under consideration and/or development. If there are resources you require (or that would assist you to make the most of myGriffith) please discuss these with us.