This form is to request one or more changes to an existing link in the Staff portal.

Use this form to:

  1. Change the link text
  2. Change the link URL
  3. Change the link icon
  4. Hide/Unhide the link (temporarily)
  5. Move the link
  6. Duplicate the link
  7. Change the link security

Add a link form Delete a link form

Only complete the sections for the options that relate to the changes you are requesting. Submit a separate request for each link you wish to change.

Requestor details
Link details

Enter the current path in the Staff portal for the link you want to change (include the link in the path).

Note: This is the path to the link not the site

Change the link text

The link text cannot be more than 30 characters, should avoid brand names, symbols (&, @, etc) and acronyms.

Change the link

To change the URL used for the link enter both the current URL and the desired URL.

Change the link icon

Application Icon

Application (interaction)

Content Icon

Content (information).

Hide/Unhide the link

To temporarily hide the link from all users (ie, if an application is temporarily out of service) select "Hide the link". If the link is currently hidden and is ready to be turned on again (ie, the application is functional again) select "Stop hiding the link".

Move the link

Duplicate the link

To leave the link in its current location and create a duplicate link in a new location as well enter the path for the duplicate link.

Change the link security


Your privacy is important to us. Information you supply will be handled strictly in accordance with our Privacy Plan.