To maximise the chance of your promotional banner being displayed, it should be high quality and follow the guidelines below:

  • Image size should be 250px high and at least 1500px wide.
  • Provide a target URL when users click on the image.
  • Keep important text in the centre of the image.
  • Provide a timeframe for how long the promotional banner should be displayed.

Promotional banner images are displayed on a wide variety of browser window widths, from browsers shown at full screen on extremely wide monitors used by graphical artists, to very narrow mobile screens. The guide below will assist you to maximise the chance that your image will be good for all users.

Banner images are centred in the banner area. The full 250px height will always be visible at regular size. Even on small screens, the middle 500px wide by 250px high rectangle of the image will remain fully visible. On screens which are larger, the left and right side the image will be revealed evenly to fill the width of the available space.

Desired timing

Please be aware, the timing of banners varies. Banners are usually made live close to the start of business (SOB) and removed near the close of business (COB) on the dates requested. However, for operational reasons, banners may go live near the close of businesson (COB) the business day before, or may be removed near the start of business (SOB) the business day after the requested dates.


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