Griffith University portals and index pages provide navigation to a wide range of websites. The majority of Griffith websites are created in the CMS so they can be easily maintained by local staff who act as publishers for the website.

Other websites which have specific needs which cannot reasonably be met using the CMS can be created using other technologies.

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Restricting CMS content

It is Griffith Policy to have all content publicly available wherever appropriate. However, there are times when it is appropriate to restrict access to some or all of a sites content. The Portals and Search team can assist staff who wish to restrict access to CMS content to an appropriate target audience.

In the CMS content can be restricted to one or more of the following user groups:

  • Senior leaders
  • Griffith staff
  • Anyone with a Griffith sNumber

CMS websites must have an address starting with "…" to have some or all of their content restricted. Other than having a special URL and being able to secure content, these sites are the same as all other CMS websites and are managed in the same place with the same tools.

If you have a website at an address starting with "…" and would like us to restrict access to the site or its content, you can use the 'Access restriction request form' below to request it.

Access restriction request form

If your site has an address starting with…" it cannot be be secured. However there are various other options including:

  • moving part or all of the site to an appropriate address that can be secured
  • creating all of part of the site on another site that can be secured
  • creating documents ( PDF , etc. ) at a secure address and linking to them on your existing site.

The Portals and Search team can discuss these and other options with you. To request a consultation email us at the address below providing your contact details, a link to your site(s), and a brief explanation of your requirements.


Clearing your web browser's cache

If you have trouble viewing the latest updated online documents, web content pages or something is not generally not working, it is recommended to clear your browser's cache.

Instructions on how to clear you browser's cache, please visit Refresh your cache site.

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