The following guidelines are based on best practice and practical experience. They are designed to guide all people involved with providing and publishing announcements as they cooperatively work together to maximise the value and effectiveness of the announcement.


  • have a start and end date
  • be relevant to the majority of users they will appear for
  • only appear for a maximum of one week per showing (if needed they may show for a week, hide for a week, show for a week)

Announcement headings

  • be 30 visible characters or less (including spaces, not including HTML markup)
  • clearly indicate the general topic area

Announcement text

  • be 200 characters or less
  • provide links to additional information if possible/appropriate
  • should use basic text formatting ("<em>", "<strong>", "<abbr>") only
  • can use bulleted lists where appropriate
  • avoid acronyms (and must not use acronyms some users will not understand)
  • should not display the URL  or path of links as part of the visible text
  • cannot include images
  • cannot use colour

Timing and positioning of announcements

All new announcements will be added at the top and gradually moved down as newer announcements are added. This maximises the freshness and effectiveness of announcements. Old announcements will be removed when they are no longer relevant (ie, the date for action has passed), when 1 week has elapsed or when 5 other announcements are deemed to be more appropriate for display (because they are more relevant and/or newer).

Requestor details
Announcement details

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