Leave entitlements

Griffith understands the importance of maintaining a good work/life balance to sustain good health. In support of this, we provide a range of leave options and discounted health plans to our staff. We also provide flexible working arrangements such as a flexible work year, reversible part-time hours and variable hours.

COVID-19 Leave Arrangements

Exceptional leave arrangements are now in place to support staff through the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note the advice for casual and sessional staff is separate to that for ongoing and fixed-term staff. Please ensure you seek the appropriate guidance.

Staff who currently have excessive leave balances as defined in the Professional and Support Staff Enterprise Agreement and the Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement are required to reduce their leave prior to 31 January 2021.

  • Staff whose leave balance is currently greater than 40 days recreation leave will be directed to take this leave to reduce this balance to 20 days or less, unless there are compelling operational reasons not to.
  • Staff whose leave balance is currently greater than 15 weeks long service leave will be directed to take up to 12 weeks of this leave. Under the respective agreement, a six-month notice period is usually required for such leave. Staff can negotiate with their supervisor a shorter notice period before the start of that leave.
  • Both recreation and long service leave can be taken at full or half pay, or to top up a part time agreement.

Managing your leave at Griffith

When it comes to taking leave, a discussion between staff and their supervisor should enable an agreement that suits both the employee and the work unit. However, in the case of excessive leave balances, Griffith has the right to direct staff to take leave (as specified in the relevant Enterprise Agreement).

Please note excessive leave is defined as more than 40 days recreation leave or more than 15 weeks long service leave.

Please refer to the leave examples document to see how this might apply.

Submit a Flexible Work Arrangement – How to guide

Applying for Leave - How to guide

Cancel Leave Request - How to guide

Application for recognition of previous service (for long service leave calculations)

View leave examples

Leave types

Recreational leave

Griffith offers four weeks of recreation leave for each year of service. Part-time employees accrue recreation leave on a pro-rata basis. Casual staff do not accrue recreation leave. Staff are encouraged to access their accrued recreation leave to maintain good health and a positive working environment.

Long service leave

Employees are entitled to access long service leave (LSL) after completing 10 years of recognised continuous employment with Griffith. LSL accrues at the rate of 1.3 weeks for each year of continuous service and a proportionate amount for part of an incomplete year. Part-time employees accrue LSL on a pro-rata basis.

Other leave

Griffith also provides for a variety of other leave types including:

  • Domestic and Family Violence leave
  • Reserve Forces Leave
  • Emergency Services Leave
  • Jury Service and Court Attendance Leave

Sick leave

Full-time Griffith employees accrue 10 days of paid sick leave per year. Part-time staff accrue paid sick leave on a pro-rata basis. Casual staff do not accrue sick leave.

Parental leave

Parental leave and partner leave are available to all Griffith staff on fixed-term and continuing appointments. Parental leave provides employees the opportunity to care for their child or children as the primary care giver during the first year of their parenting relationship. Partner leave is available to employees who are not the primary care giver of their child or children, usually in support of the time of the child’s/children’s birth or adoption.

Leave Application form

Parental Leave Pay – Department of Human Services

Family, Cultural and other special leave

This special category of leave types provides up to three days of leave per occasion to a total of five days per calendar year for of the following:

  • Family Circumstances for employees who need to care for a member of their household or family when they are ill and no other care options are available. Up to three days per occasion is available to provide care and support for such person when they are ill. If the illness is of a nature or frequency that it exceeds the annual five-day total, sick leave may be used for caring purposes.
  • Special Circumstances applies where the employee experiences pressing or emergency circumstances that preclude their attendance at work. Examples of this may include natural disasters, a bereavement where there is no familial relationship, or additional time off where the individual is mourning the death of a close family member. The approval of such leave is discretionary and requires agreement from the Head of Element. Approval of this type of leave would be appropriate where the nature of the special circumstances is unusual, out of the ordinary and that there is not a more appropriate leave type available.
  • First Peoples Obligations applies where an employee is required by Aboriginal tradition or Torres Strait Island custom to fulfil formal cultural obligations related to the culture with which the employee or the employee’s partner, family and/or community group identifies.
  • Special Circumstances may also apply where there is a requirement for an employee to fulfil formal cultural obligations which preclude their attendance at work. Examples of this may include religious events where the staff member has a formal ceremonial role to play that cannot be conducted outside of work time, or where there are formal religious death rites conducted a year after the initial bereavement. The approval of such leave is discretionary and requires agreement from the Head of Element. This type of leave is not normally available to attend or observe religious and cultural festivals, however, attendance at these events may be supported through other leave types such as recreation leave.

Suitable evidence is required to support requests to access this leave type. The entitlement and responsibilities relating to this leave type is outlined in the relevant enterprise agreement, either the Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement 2017-2021 (s.27) or the Professional & Support Staff Enterprise Agreement 2017-2021 (s.35).

Private health insurance

Griffith offers a choice of four health plans. These health funds offer eligible staff attractive rates for private medical insurance. For more information please contact them directly using the information below.

Bupa Corporate

Login ID: GriffithUnibupa

Password: healthplan

134 135

Bupa corporate

Teachers' Union Health

1300 360 701

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