Leave entitlements

Griffith provides a range of flexible employment options and discounted health plans for staff

Leave types

Flexibility and leave

Griffith University understands the importance of flexibility to maintain a good work/life balance.

We offer a number of flexible working arrangements and leave types to staff. For example, you can request a flexible work year, reversible part-time hours to care for dependents, variable hours and flextime, parental leave, or family, cultural obligations and other special circumstances leave.

For more information, please refer to your Enterprise Agreement and the University policy for Absence on Official University Business.


Applying for leave Cancel leave request

Months you have worked at GriffithPaid leave you can apply forUnpaid parental leave you can apply forTotal
12 months or more 14 weeks parental leave 26 weeks 52 weeks
  12 weeks primary carers leave 26 weeks 52 weeks
  10 days partner leave Not applicable 10 days
1 to 11 months 1 week parental leave per month of service Weeks remaining from total 52 weeks

Parental leave

Parental leave and partner leave are available to all Griffith staff on fixed-term and continuing contracts.

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Family, Cultural Obligations and Other Special Circumstances leave

This is a special category of leave which provides up to five paid days leave per calendar year. This leave may be taken for up to three days at a time.

You can apply for this leave if you are on a continuing or fixed-term contract.

Examples of when you can apply include:

  • when you are required to take care of a relative, such as your child, when they are ill
  • when you are affected by a natural disaster
  • when you have Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural ceremonies you must attend that are not taking place outside work hours
  • when you have other religious ceremonies you must take part in which cannot take place outside work hours
  • you require extra time off to mourn the loss of a family member after using bereavement leave

More information about family, cultural obligations and other special circumstances leave can be found in your Enterprise Agreement.

Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement, section 27

Professional & Support Staff Enterprise Agreement, section 35

Private health insurance

Griffith offers a choice of four health plans. These health funds offer eligible staff attractive rates for private medical insurance. For more information please contact them directly using the information below.

Bupa Corporate

Login ID: GriffithUnibupa

Password: healthplan

134 135

Bupa corporate

Teachers' Union Health

1300 360 701

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