Salary conditions and benefits at Griffith

Learn about the conditions and benefits available to you as an employee at Griffith University, such as salary rates, packaging, and superannuation.


Your payslips are available under the About Me section of the My Staff Page in the Staff Portal.


Change hours and campus/reports to

Change of hours

This guide is intended for all Continuing and Fixed Term staff who need to apply for Change of Hours via Self Service which is then work flowed onto the supervisor for approval. This form replaces the existing paper-based form.

Change of Hours - User Guide

Change campus/reports to

This guide is intended for Supervisors to change ‘Campus’ or ‘Reports to’ of their team members.

Request campus/reports to change (by Supervisor)

Salary packaging

Griffith University recognises the value and flexibility salary packaging offers our staff. Staff members can sacrifice part of their salary in return for benefits such as contribution to superannuation or leasing a car.

What is salary packaging

Salary packaging is a means of providing employees with the ability to change the structure of their remuneration package and receive part of their salary in the form of non-cash benefits. A deduction for the benefit option is made from your gross salary (pre-tax) thus reducing your taxable income and the amount of tax payable.

Who is eligible

Staff members who are employed on a continuing appointment or fixed term appointment are eligible for salary packaging. The period of the salary package arrangement cannot exceed the contract end date for staff on fixed term contracts. Academic visitors and students are not eligible. Casual staff are eligible for salary packaging of superannuation contributions only. Special eligibility conditions apply in relation to salary packaging of a motor vehicle.

The following items can be salary packaged, at no cost to existing or new staff:

  • Payment of compulsory staff member contributions to superannuation funds
  • Payment of additional contributions to superannuation funds
  • University car parking fees
  • University child care fees
  • University gym membership

All of the salary packaged items provided by Human Resources and Safety are FBT Exempt.

Other benefits are administered by our partners, NLC Pty Limited and Lease Plan Australia Limited who will advise you on their salary packaging programs.

Salary packaging user guide Salary Packaging Authority Form Application for Mobile Phone/Miscellaneous Benefit Application for Laptop Benefit

Financial advice

The University cannot offer financial advice, due to differences in each person's financial and personal circumstances, and the complex nature of taxation issues.

Griffith strongly recommends you seek independent financial advice before entering into salary packaging arrangements.

You can salary package the fees associated with obtaining financial advice.

An independent financial adviser can assist you in determining how changes to tax legislation may impact on your salary packaging arrangements.

Our salary packaging partners

Australian Taxation Office

Providing access to e-tax, calculators, publications, a range of deductions for our industry and general information

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