Career development at Griffith

The University develops a culture of high performance and excellence through fair and effective performance management and review procedures, which provide opportunities for personal recognition, development and job satisfaction.

What do you need to do?

Effective performance management is expected of all general staff on a continuing or fixed-term contract of more than 12 months.

With your supervisor/manager:

  • regularly review your position description
  • have regular discussions about performance
  • develop clear expectations and make sure your role is clear
  • annually assess your progress since the previous review, and set goals for the next year

Annual reviews are completed and monitored through the ePerformance system. You can check your performance review documents anytime through the Performance and careers tile of your My Staff Page for both staff and supervisors/managers.

Check your performance and review documents

    Unsatisfactory performance and misconduct

    Our mindset as a University is that people are intrinsically motivated and arrive at work wanting to do a great job. When doing a great job becomes a challenge, the role of the supervisor/manager and employee is to work together to overcome the problem that is preventing the employee from doing a great job.

    Griffith is committed to fair and effective procedures for managing unsatisfactory work performance and allegations of misconduct.

    These procedures are outlined in the relevant Enterprise Agreement for your role.

    Academic Staff

    Unsatisfactory Performance Misconduct

    Professional and Support Staff

    Unsatisfactory performance Misconduct

    Additional information for continuing and fixed term staff

    Academic promotion

    Promotion rounds for academic staff will be conducted annually.

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