Screenshot of LanSchool showing overview screenLanSchool is a Classroom Management application that is available in select Student Computer Labs (soon to be rolled out more broadly) across the University. It offers a number of features such as:

  • Screen sharing between teacher and class (e.g. for demonstration purposes, particularly when the projector is difficult to see or there is no projector in the room)
  • Screen sharing of selected student computer with class (chosen by teacher; for student demonstrations)
  • Monitoring of student computers by teacher (for large classes, this can help identify at-a-glance if anyone is having difficulties)
  • Sending files to students for use in class
  • Remotely controlling student computer from teacher console (e.g. for demonstrations. Computers can also be powered on/off in this manner)
  • Restricting the use of certain applications or websites

For assistance in using LanSchool, please consult the LanSchool Tipsheet and our Help and Resources section.