Learning@Griffith offers currently enrolled students access to the following:

  • Course sites - where you'll find course information including lecture notes, lecture recordings, and other useful resources; online tests and exams, assignment submission points, and tools to facilitate group work and  communication with other students
  • Organisation sites - which allow you to access additional information relating to your studies
  • Marks and feedback for your assessment items

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Getting started

To login to Learning@Griffith, click on the link from inside myGriffith.  When Learning@Griffith opens, you'll see lists of your courses.  Once in a course site, you might see links to resources such as course content, online assessment, the EchoCenter (Lecture Capture), Discussion Boards and other communication tools, and Collaborate (online classroom).  Different courses will use different tools and resources.

To find out when your Learning@Griffith access will start and stop, visit:

For more information about getting around Learning@Griffith visit our page on navigating Learning@Griffith:

Help and support

On this site you'll find lots of information about how to use Learning@Griffith.  Some of the support material currently available to you has been provided to us by the Blackboard vendor, so the screen colours, layout and sometimes terminology will differ slightly between the help materials and what you see in your course at Griffith University. If you have any questions, please ask us for help.

Assessment tools

You can take various kinds of Assessment in Learning@Griffith, and see your marks and feedback.  The table below outlines the most common kinds of assessments.  An icon will usually display beside the name of the assessment, to tell you what kind of assessment you are submitting.

Please be aware that your Convenor may have elected to not display icons in their course site - if you encounter difficulties and are unsure of the submission format, please contact the staff teaching your course.

Before you start using these tools for the first time, we recommend you read our guide on online assessment submission - here you'll find tips to help you prevent problems.

In some screens, you may be required to use the Text Editor:

You can access your marks in My Marks.

Assignment submission tools



Tests and Surveys



Collaborative and Reflective Assessment

Discussion BoardDiscussion Boards




Self and Peer AssessmentSelf and Peer Assessment

Communication and Collaboration


An Organisation functions exactly the same way as a course site in Learning@Griffith, except that instead of enrolments being controlled by class enrolment, an Organisation can have a combination of enrolments of all students in a course or Program, or a list of specific individuals. Most of the tools available for courses are available for Organisations - content areas, tests, Discussion Forums, etc.

Some examples of the way Organisations are used in Learning@Griffith include:
  • Organisation sites for all students in a School
  • Organisation sites for all students in a Program
  • A site for many students to access centrally-controlled quizzes - for example quizzes about lab safety, or study skills.  We have information about taking these kinds of tests in an Organisation.

Viewing an Organisation

If you are enrolled in an Organisation, you will see a link to it:

  • in your My Courses and Organisations module, in the "Other course / Organisations" section
  • on the Organisations tab

To view an Organisation you are not enrolled in, click on the Organisations tab at the top of your Learning@Griffith screen, and enter the Organisation name into the Organisation Search box.  Note that you will not be able to access all of the online materials unless you are enrolled.  Some Organisations allow you to enrol yourself using functionality called self-enrol.

Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture technology allows lecturers to make digital recordings of course material and deliver it to students via a Learning@Griffith course site.  It is used to complement face-to-face teaching, and further support Griffith University students in their learning through increased access to learning resources.

It is standard practice at Griffith University to record lectures timetabled in Lecture Capture-enabled venues. In addition, lecturers may choose to record other teaching activities, such as seminars, workshops, tutorials or ad hoc lectures, or upload their personal recordings to provide students with additional resources.  The information on whether or not Lecture Capture will be used for a course can be found in the Course Profile.

The Lecture Capture system used at Griffith University is the Echo360 (Active Learning Platform). Recordings are made available to students via the link that appears in the navigation menu of the relevant course site in Learning@Griffith.

Echo360 (Active Learning Platform)

Griffith University uses an enhanced Lecture Capture service called Echo360 (Active Learning Platform).  You'll access it by clicking a link in your Learning@Griffith course site - usually this link will be called "Echo360".  Here you can access all the lecture capture recordings for your course. It also allows you to access your lecture presentations and any available pre-recorded videos.

As well as watching recordings, the Echo360 (Active Learning Platform) offers you the opportunity to:

  • Take notes alongside video recordings; and presentation slides if those slides are uploaded for students
  • Bookmark sections, which students find helpful for revision
  • Mark content as confusing; a particular time of a video recording or a slide within the presentation (if slides are uploaded for students) that you find confusing
  • Participate in activities (like polls or quizzes) during the presentation, or post and respond to questions

All of these features are to assist you to actively participate and engage with the learning materials before, during or after class.  More information about these features is available in Classroom Tools.  (Please note that not all features will be available in all courses.)

Select a link from below to access help and support material.

Connect to Echo360 Watching a recording Echo360 app Classroom tools Echo360 Library

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