Access from anywhere

Griffith offers flexible access for students and staff to connect, research, teach and learn while you roam in Australia and internationally.

Connecting remotely

Ensure you have network connectivity either using your home Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Most Griffith applications such as email, Learning@Griffith, the library and standard software Microsoft Word and Microsoft Teams can be accessed using your sNumber login.

For specialised secure applications, VPN software is needed for home access.

Connecting to your files

Login with your sNumber to access your Microsoft One (or Google) drive.

Guidance: working remotely with O365 tools including OneDrive

There are three options to connect to your network drives G, H and Y.

1. G and H drives

Map your G and H drives while you are connected to Griffith Wi-Fi or working from home via a VPN connection.

Windows: remote AD (staff only)

Mac: connect to server (staff only)

2. Access your network storage

Access your network drives via Fileway when working from home with a VPN connection.

Staff storage

Student storage

3. Set-up G drive on your mobile

Android devices

iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

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