Approximately 100 digital displays are located across all Griffith Campuses. They are managed by software called Appspace and are aimed at promoting selected content to staff, students and visitors within the university. The selected content will celebrate the activities of the Griffith University community and enhance its reputation in five key areas - learning, teaching, research, Asian engagement and sustainability.

With the introduction of Appspace; Digital Signage is no longer just static content and can now be used to incorporate videos, RSS feeds and webpage. All within a simple to use interface that also allows for advanced scheduling functionally to ensure displays are never blank.

To increase the consistency of messages to the target audience’s content guidelines have been outlined below along with access to an automated template that allows for easy to use process and consistency with the Griffith brand.


  • Hours of operation: TBC
    • During this time screens are not to be blank
  • Content should be refreshed weekly
  • Digital slides are generally displayed for 7 to 12 seconds at a time. Therefore, the messages on these slides should be designed to be read and absorbed with this timeframe in mind
  • Sign naming conventions should follow this rule: N53 0.35 Foyer Left
Sign Naming Convention
N53 0.35 Foyer Left


  • Images must be high-resolution JPEGs and at least 72dpi when being viewed at 100%. Screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels
  • Videos should be 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) at 30 frames per second, MPEG-4 files or mpeg2 if you are using a DMP-4310, Appspace can encode the videos to the correct format for you. Sound should not be used if it will be disruptive
  • RSS/Social media feeds must be monitored or approved by the content administrator

Content Guidelines

The primary audience for Digital Screens are students, staff and visitors.

  • The content must be high-quality, visual, engaging and above all, interesting content that is relevant to the Griffith University community
  • Content should be short and aimed to service those using the area as a thoroughfare, as well as those using the space as a meeting place/collaboration area
  • In addition to week-by-week content, you could consider special daily scheduling to incorporate functions (acting as an impressive welcome to attendees), events, high school visitors, visiting sporting groups etc.

Griffith brand and digital design

You must ensure that all digital content is compliant with Griffith branding guidelines provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications including:

  • Campaign and tagline changes ("Remarkable" campaign)
  • Use of Griffith digital logo
  • Font /typeface updates
  • Banner content and style
  • Colour treatments

Copyright and compliance

All users of Appspace must comply with all generally applicable Griffith policies and all applicable contracts and licenses. Examples include, but are not limited to, the Privacy Plan and Copyright Guide. Content authors must familiarize themselves with these rules and will assume full responsibility for ensuring that the rights of the materials, imagery, and artwork used in their content have been cleared prior to posting.