Digital signage

Digital signage screens are a powerful way for the University to communicate messages across all campuses. Our digital signs can display rich digital media content, videos, live streams, TV and social media content on video walls, video projectors and large digital screens.

We manage our digital content using an application called Appspace.


We have upgraded our existing Digital Media Manager to a new application called Appspace.

The benefits of the Appspace tool include:

  • increased functionality to create, manage and delete images, videos, audio and other formats
  • flexible scheduling capability to play content based on date and time
  • enterprise TV for live streaming of breaking news or events

View the Appspace Guides.

View the Appspace Tutorial Videos.

Complete the Account Request form to obtain access.

Prior approval is required to add content to a screen that is not owned by your department. To add content to a screen that is owned by another department, send your content to the appropriate contact who can add their content on your behalf.

Follow the link to log into Appspace and use your provided login details when prompted.

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Account request Guidelines Roles and glossary

With Appspace, you can create, manage, and publish all of your apps from a single unified platform. A variety of features and flexible functions allow you to target specific audiences with customized content at scheduled times. Metrics may also be implemented to measure how people engage with the on-screen content, allowing you to make changes that maximize the effectiveness of your communications.

How to use Appspace basics

Location and costs

The University has over 100 digital screens located across all campuses. If you would like to add content to a screen in a specific location, please contact the relevant site owner or content administrator directly.

The costs provided are a guideline. A quote will be provided following an initial consult with an audio visual development expert.



BIG G11 Screen

G11 Big Digital Screen

Griffith's Flagship Digital Screen

The G11 Big Digital Screen on our Gold Coast campus is a dynamic visual communication channel to celebrate student and staff achievements. It welcomes visitors and VIPs and engages with students and staff through beautiful content including images, video and audio messages.

G11 qualities:

  • high resolution LED digital screen
  • 6m x 4m
  • hi-fi audio system

How you can contribute to G11 Big Digital Screen

Email with your broadcast ideas.

G11 submission and guidelines

big gold coast digital sign

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