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Griffith is in the process of transitioning all reports and analytics to a new system. Explore these dashboards and reports below—also see our descriptions for help navigating.

Griffith VPN is needed to access Tableau reports and dashboards


Discover information about Griffith's students. Find out their age, gender, demographic, satisfaction levels, study applications and more.

Application to Acceptance (Market Share)

Compares progression of TAC Applicants through the phases of Applying, receiving Offers, Accepting offers and Enrolling into programs at Griffith against other institutions.

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QTAC Simulation Report

Provides up-to-date results from the latest QTAC offer round. Includes key information such as number of offers made, estimated % fill of budget target, and offers made by ATAR.

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Program Cohort Retention - Program View

View the retention rate for all programs between two selectable terms

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Program Cohort Retention

View progress of a commencing cohort to track whether students are retained, not retained or completed in the program

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Applicant to Student

View progressions of TAC and non-TAC applicants through the phases from applying to enrolling into a program at Griffith University.

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Program Load and Enrolments

View current year to date Program Enrolments or Equivalent Full-Time Student Load (EFTSL) for a group, school or program campus as well as prior year figures.

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Course Enrolments and Load

View year to date Course Enrolments or Equivalent Full-Time Student Load (EFTSL) by group, term, teaching campus and program as well as prior year figures.

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Student load tracking

Displays actual load (EFTSL) for the current term, compared to the previous year’s actual load.

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QTAC application growth vs budget

View the progression of TAC and non TAC applicants through the phases of applying and receiving an offer, accepting the offer and enrolling into a program at Griffith.

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Student experience survey (SES) dashboard

Information on Griffith’s performance in the Student experience survey (SES), a national survey conducted by the Social Research Centre on behalf of the Department of Education and Training.

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Graduate outcome survey (GOS)

Information on Griffith’s performance in the Graduate outcome survey (GOS), a survey completed by graduates to provide insight into labour market outcomes and further study activities.

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Student completions dashboard

Information about students who have been awarded a degree from the University over the past 10 years.

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Student profile for course dashboard

A summary of demographic, ethnicity and educational background information of students enrolled in a course or courses for a trimester.

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Student profile dashboard

Demographic, ethnicity and educational background information of students in a program or programs for a trimester.

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Tell Us dashboard

The annual Tell Us survey invites feedback from Griffith students on a range of non-academic services, including: student administration matters, support services, recreation services, and more.

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Teaching load report

Provides up-to-date information on Teaching Load (EFTSL) performance against budget or prior year.

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Research dashboards

Find information about Griffith University's research performance, researchers and publications as well as HDR candidates.


Look through data to help you make staffing decisions. Find reports on leave balances, incidents, training and Griffith's workforce data.

Note: Access to these reports have been restricted in line with supervision responsibilities.

Establishment FTE

Provides a list of Core and Contingent positions for your Group/Department and the approved establishment FTE for those positions.  Subsequent tabs show the current incumbents and last incumbent (if any) of vacant positions

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Staff profile

Provides a wholistic view of employment, training and leave history of an individual or team.

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Safety training completions

Provides information on the percentage of students who have completed or not completed the main safety and other online training modules conducted by the University

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Academic dashboard

Profiles an academic's learning and teaching and research performance by pulling together data from sources across the University.

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Excessive leave balances

Information on the number of staff who have accumulated, or are forecast to accumulate, more than 40 days annual leave or more than 15 weeks long service leave.

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My summary

Monthly FTE and headcount data for continuing and fixed term staff for the previous 12 months. This data can be filtered by many categories and provide additional reports on vacant positions, staff listings and more.

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Reported safety incidents

Find insights into the number of incidents reported by staff, students and visitors. Data can be viewed by incident category, sub category and campus.

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Staff online training

Information on the percentage of staff who have completed or not completed the main compulsory safety and other online training programs conducted by the University.

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Griffith summary

The Griffith summary dashboard provides current FTE and headcount data for continuing and fixed term staff, as well as trend data for the past 5 years, including data on casual staff.

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Strategic KPIs

Access the latest data on the performance of Griffith groups and elements against the University's strategic plan targets.


Find data relating to Griffith's infrastructure.

Energy dashboard

Find detailed reports on Griffith’s energy use. Consumption can be viewed by building, campus or group.

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Maintenance Performance dashboard

This dashboard tracks the completion rates of unplanned and planned work performed on Griffith's facilities.

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Publicly Available Data

Department of Education HEIMS uCube

Statistics information from the Department of Education website. The cube data is based on selected higher education micro data collected through the Higher Education Statistics Collections (student collection and staff collection) and allows customised tables to be produced.

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HEIMS data tables

Higher Education student data collection that encompasses enrolments, Equivalent Full-Time Student Load and completions.

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Additional PSP reports no longer available

Griffith University has removed IBM Cognos from our product suite. Reports have been replicated on Tableau Server.

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