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We are supporting the University’s engagement with local and global communities by optimising organisational intelligence. Use our data and resources and help us ensure Griffith is competitive, relevant and prepared to act.

Planning and Statistics portal

Delve deep into Griffith data covering research, learning and teaching, staff and students, and more. Find reports and dashboards, customise your results and understand University policies on information usage.

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Reports and dashboards

Explore Griffith's data on students, staff, KPIs, infrastructure and more.

Key services

Advanced Analytics

Griffith generates and owns a mound of data. Our team organises that data and gives it a voice.

Then it's ready to be used for strategic purposes.

Business Intelligence

From our data, we publish reports and dashboards on the Planning and Statistics portal, and provide data to internal and external stakeholders.

Strategic and Operational Planning

We play a key role in the coordination of the University's planning activities.

This includes Griffith's Annual Planning Cycle, and the provision of all data and support.

Financial Analysis

We provide thorough reporting and analysis on topics relating to the student lifecycle.

Domestic admissions reporting, student load budgeting and forecasting, and fee positioning analysis are examples of the services provided by our team.

Financial Intelligence Systems

Our team develops and supports functions such as:

  • student load budget and forecast modelling
  • financial budget and forecast modelling
  • management reporting
  • teaching allocation
  • workforce planning

Planning and Reporting

We provide support to the University executive, and methodology expertise and development for the following areas:

  • planning
  • budgeting
  • forecasting
  • financial management reporting
  • course and program costing
  • position planning
  • teaching allocation
  • benchmarking

Our teams

Advanced Analytics


Clancy Birrell

(07) 373 58073

Business Intelligence


Mark Jeffrey

(07) 373 55341

Data and Technology


Shannon Pickens

(07) 373 57693

Strategic and Operational Planning


Vince Lalor

(07) 373 57814

Organisational Reviews


Rosemary Marson

(07) 373 56468

Surveys and Engagement


Naomi Collyer

(07) 373 58438

Data Security

The Planning and Analytics team collect, store, access and secure Griffith's data. This process follows the Information Management Framework and relevant University policies and procedures. End-to-end encryption, authentication and access controls ensure the integrity of the data sent.

The framework encourages the effective management of data to assist the University to meet its strategic objectives.

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