Create specialised lists of Griffith staff and students

Our specialised lists can be sent to, and used in, a range of applications for communication and access control purposes.

List management system


The list management system handles two types of lists.

Organisational lists

Organisational lists (or groups) are automatically generated according to Human Resource (HR) information. Unlike specialised lists, these lists can not be changed in the list management system. Organisational list names can vary depending on the organisation.

Specialised lists

Specialised lists are created for a purpose—to communicate with a specific group of people, for example. These lists are created and managed entirely within the list management system by you. They can be populated with individuals or by organisational information. All lists created in the system are preceded with 'LML'. For example, a list representing members of a lab may be called 'LML - lab members'.

List managment access

The system can simplify lists for all staff

Email communication lists

Email lists that require automatic updates should be created in the list management system. 48 hours after creation, the email list will flow through to Office 365. Email lists created in list management are called 'organisational groups' and can only be managed through the list management system, not the Office 365 interface.

Access control and list creation

Currently, to gain or extend access to G: drive, you are required to fill out the "gain authority to establish or extend computing access" form. The list management system aims to simplify this process.

List creation

List creation presents an overview of the steps involved in creating a list and assigning a target system.


At the center of the list management system is the dashboard. It provides information about system updates or changes and displays list related information, including:

Action items
Outstanding requests or actions you are required to perform in relation to your lists—example: approve or deny list membership requests.
Pending requests
Requests that you have raised which have not yet been actioned by the list owner or administrator(s).
My lists
All lists that you have an affiliation with—example: lists that you are an owner, editor or member of. Lists are ordered according to your responsibility or role (owner, editor or member).

You can also

  • view your affiliated list membership
  • edit your lists or request to be removed from a list

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Self help resources

These resources are available to help you familiarise with the features and functionality of the list management system as well as create and manage your specialised lists.

All training activities should be done in the list management training environment. This will ensure that new staff are familiar with the basics and the features, and are free to explore list management functionality.

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