Before you submit your request ...

The software applications available within computer labs, lecture theatres, seminar rooms and are managed by Digital Solutions.

Please use this webform to submit the following requests for your relevant teaching space(s).

  • Add a new software application to the labs
  • Update an existing software application in the labs
  • Remove an existing software application from the labs
  • Add a teaching or research to
  • You can also register as a stakeholder for an existing application.

View all current lab software applications

You only need to submit a request if changes are required within your teaching space(s).

Lab Teaching Software Request

If you register as a stakeholder, you will be advised about any changes associated with that application.

You can submit requests at any time throughout the year.  However, due to the large number of requests and the complex nature of our environment, the following minimum notice would be greatly appreciated.

  • New software requests - 6  weeks
  • Update existing software - 4 weeks

These timeframes allow for the methodical preparation of your request, and for you to participate in appropriate Customer Acceptance Testing. This confirms your new and updated application is ready for your teaching requirements.

You will be notified as soon as your requested change is available. If you would please test within 10 business days of being notified, it would be appreciated.

All requests for new or updated software will require software licensing compliance to be confirmed prior to deployment.

Existing applications that are unused for 12 months will expire and be removed from the relevant teaching spaces. Software Request is a streaming application portal allowing access to teaching and research software Griffith Student, RHD’s and Staff from personal devices.  See for more info: Using your own device (

To request teaching and research software be available for BYOD (bring your own device), tick the “ for Teaching” and/or “ for Research” boxes in the Requirements section.

Software Request Form

All requests for new or updated software will require software licensing compliance to be confirmed prior to deployment.

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Requirements Specific teaching location(s) where software is required:   Software request actions:   Required for trimester:
  Required for BYOD:
Software name:   Version:   OS version:   Weblink for download or vendor contact:   Additional configuration requirements: Software licence agreement:

Your privacy is important to us. Information you supply will be handled strictly in accordance with our Privacy Plan.