Software asset management services

Our cost-effective software asset management services support the teaching, learning, research and administrative functions of the University. We collaborate with clients, suppliers, industry representatives and other Australian and New Zealand tertiary institutions.

What we do:

  • manage software licence contract management, including revision and renewals
  • administer, coordinate and collaborate in agreements across the University and in association with other institutions and CAUDIT
  • provide advice with regards to software compliance for site licence agreements
  • procure software licenses and vendor management
  • manage electronic and physical installation media, including software disposal
  • maintain software deployment records
  • manage software licence keys

Request software (requires VPN)Request new application/service (requires VPN) Request IT Contract review

Using web/software in the cloud

Griffith University has a process that can help you

Have you seen an online application or service that can help your teaching, research, project or daily work? Perhaps you have a colleague at another institution that has recommended a great tool they have access to online?

Before you start using an online application or service, we need to ensure that it is safe and secure and won't put Griffith at risk. Online applications sit outside of Griffith University's control, and don't have the same guarantee of accountability that applies to internally hosted applications

Any online application or service must follow a review process. This process exists to ensure the service doesn't get "stopped at the gate" by security, legal or other concerns just before you start using it (or, even worse when it's in use).

Getting access to software/ online applicationsGetting access to software/ online applications

Home use software

We distribute all home use entitlements for software through your Griffith staff or student login via SharePoint.

Access the Staff Home Use Software Library

Software available for staff members

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Vendor discounted software)
  • Echo 360 Personal Capture
  • EndNote
  • Leximancer
  • NVivo
  • SAS
  • SPSS and Amos (Vendor discounted software)

Access the Student Home use Software Library

Software available for current students

  • do PDF
  • EndNote
  • Leximancer
  • NVivo
  • SAS
  • SPSS and Amos (Vendor discounted software)

EndNote Download/Install Instructions

Vendor discounts and access

Vendor discounted software

Adobe product access (staff only)

Lab teaching software

The software applications available within computer labs, lecture theatres and seminar rooms are managed by Digital Solutions.

Please use this webform to submit the following requests for your relevant teaching space(s).

  • Add a new software application
  • Update an existing software application
  • Remove an existing software application
  • You can also register as a stakeholder for an existing application.

View all current lab software applications

You only need to submit a request if changes are required within your teaching space(s).

Lab software request form Software available in labs (requires VPN)


General enquiries

Access the Service Catalogue to see the full list of available services.

Or you can ask our friendly staff about IT products and services by phone, email or chat.

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