About Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is a file sharing, storage and collaboration tool for enterprise level businesses.

Dropbox Business is not the preferred product for the University and access is being retired (where possible).  New users should select from other options including SharePoint OnlineOneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams or a Research Storage Service depending on their requirements for use.

Access to a Dropbox Business account are only approved by the University if there is a legitimate business reason.

Request a Dropbox Business Account

Subject to approval

Instructions to self migrate from Dropbox to OneDrive


Instructions to self-migrate your files and folders from Dropbox to Microsoft OneDrive on your Windows computer.


Instructions to self-migrate your files and folders from Dropbox to Microsoft OneDrive on your Mac.

Dropbox vs Dropbox Business

Individual / free Dropbox accounts are not supported for Griffith University business and should not be accessed with a  griffith.edu.au email address.

In accordance with Griffith Policy, the use of Dropbox as an externally hosted storage and collaboration tool is governed by the Terms and Conditions of Dropbox as well as Griffith’s IT Code of practice.

When considering using a cloud based product, if is your responsibility to abide by Corporate Data Legislation, Information Standards and University Policies and Governance controls  in accordance with the Griffith Information Management Framework.

Dropbox Business, is an enterprise version of Dropbox.  It can be accessed using Griffith Single Sign On and is managed by Griffith (we retain access to the data once you leave the organisation). Costs associated with Griffith Dropbox for Business are paid for centrally by Griffith.

In 2016, all staff with a Dropbox account associated with a  griffith.edu.au email address were moved to a Griffith Dropbox Business account.  These accounts are required to be used in accordance with the Griffith University's Information Management Framework.

Access to Griffith Dropbox Business accounts is only granted to those with a legitimate business reason;  all requests are subject to approval by the Director of Information Technology Infrastructure.

Griffith's Information Management Framework and Governance

Griffith University’s Information Management Framework aims to embed a consistent, whole-of-University approach to managing our information assets. The Framework encourages the effective stewardship of data to better assist the University to meet its strategic objectives and ensure that our valuable information and data assets are managed appropriately.


In keeping with the management of research data at both a national and University level, managing your data is a critical element of your research project.

Griffith offers various storage services to all researchers and research students affiliated with the University. The Research Storage Service is an area where researchers can gain access to digital storage based on their storage needs. The project data stored in these services are freely accessible, with unlimited storage and securely stored on Griffith servers.

Find out more about research data management and storage