Since 2005, commencing first-year domestic undergraduate students at Griffith have shared their experiences relating to their transition into university life via the Starting@Griffith survey. The feedback gathered through this survey is valuable for student success and retention efforts, as early satisfaction and positive engagement experiences have been shown to improve long-term student success.

Survey Components

The Starting@Griffith survey is theoretically based and measures domains of the student experience across the five senses of success known to influence commencing students' transition to university.

It also probes student perceptions across the front-end of the student lifecycle, including enrolment, information provision, and orientation.

Survey Administration

The survey is administered online by the Communications and Surveys team in conjunction with Learning Futures.Commencing students in the first Trimester of their first year of undergraduate study are invited to participate via email.

View the Prize Draw Terms and Conditions for more information.

Survey Results

Learning Futures produces reports based on Starting@Griffith response data, which are presented to executives and heads of elements across the University.

Any questions or requests for further analysis can be directed to Learning Futures.

Get in Touch

Have any questions regarding the Starting@Griffith survey? Contact the team on (07) 3735 4688