Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the Student Experience of Teaching (SET) surveys have been cancelled for Trimester 1, 2020 in agreement with student representative bodies.
To ensure students have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience and the transition to remote/online learning, the Student Experience of Course (SEC) surveys will go ahead as usual in week 11.
SEC surveys will not be used for assessing individual teaching performance this Trimester.

For more information on the University's response to COVID-19, please visit the Coronavirus web page.

Griffith delivers a standardised survey to students as part of its commitment to Learning and Teaching enhancements. Feedback is drawn from a student's experience with their courses (SEC) and teachers (SET) and is managed through an online system.

See our latest Student Experience of Course (SEC) and Teaching (SET) video

Show it to students at the end of classes to demonstrate the importance of completing their surveys and to help boost response rates.

The experience@griffith system

  • Promotes a holistic approach to course and teaching surveys;
  • Provides instant access to reports, in a variety of formats;
  • Allows analysis of student experience trends over time;
  • Streamlines and partially automates survey admin; and
  • Maintains high data integrity standards, including confidentiality of responses.

The survey gives students the opportunity to provide valuable feedback, which has the ability to change course design and teaching practices.

"By completing the course experience survey, students are contributing to ensuring the standards recognised by employers are maintained. It's not just for staff to obtain endoresement from students about their teaching, but rather to improve the overall course delivery at Griffith."

Indu Singh - Associate Professor / Convenor
School of Medical Science

About the Survey

SEC and SET surveys are comprised of core questions.

However, Convenors and Instructors can also add additional questions from the Question Library that have specific interest to them and their course.
survey components

Key dates

The Communications and Surveys team oversees the experience@griffith system. In general, key dates to remember are:

Week 8 Academic staff are requested to review survey details; add SET s, add customised questions and make changes
Week 11 Surveys are open for student response
First week of exams Reports are made available

Survey Anonymity

The experience@griffith system upholds anonymity via the following methods:

  • Response anonymity – no student can be identified in the system; and
  • Report access restrictions – only staff with a clear need to know have access to report areas.

The sensitivity of responses and of teaching (SET) reports is at the forefront of system reviews. Detailed information about how anonymity is upheld is available on the privacy practices page.

Survey Incentives

As a gesture of appreciation for the time spent offering thoughtful responses, every complete SEC response earns an entry into a Trimester prize draw, with $25,000 on offer each year!

Download the Cash Prize Draw Schedule.

View the experience@griffith's Terms and Conditions.


Please find below an array of resources to assist with navigating the experience@griffith system; setting up SET surveys, downloading and analysing reports, and closing the loop on feedback. For any questions about the system or related policies, consult the Communications and Surveys team on (07) 3735 4688 or experience@griffith.edu.au.

How to add a SET

Tell us 2017 survey video

Hints and Tips

Tell us 2017 survey video

Reports and downloading thumb

Instructional videos

Engagement PowerPoint

Increase response rates by showing students the importance of feedback.
View and download the In-class announcement PowerPoint Presentation here.

User Guides


Survey Results

Group and School level results are compiled into a report disseminated by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) twice yearly, while system-sourced reports are available immediately after a survey closes. These are often used for purposes such as awards, personal reflection, and promotions:

Survey results are incorporated into academic profile reports and academic staff are encouraged to utilise a Course Improvement Plan (PDF 238k) to document the development of courses over time. Additional support is available through Learning Futures.

Did you know...

  • Almost every course is automatically evaluated every time it is offered, while SETs need to be manually added by convenors and instructors.
  • Extra questions can be added to both an SEC and SET, including a customisable question specific to Convenor needs.
  • experience@griffith reports can display results in various ways, including summary reports that calculate results of several courses selected by the user and multiple reports that display individual results for multiple courses.
  • The system experience@griffith is smartphone and tablet friendly for student only.

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