Griffith staff members are occasionally invited to participate in surveys that affect the operations and key activities of the University in areas such as research, facilities, human resources, and funding.

The Survey Process Flow Chart illustrates a staff member’s involvement in conducting surveys. More information about Griffith‘s approach and approval process surrounding surveys of its staff and student populations can be found in the Policy on Surveying of Griffith Students and Staff.

The table below displays a list of surveys that Griffith staff are regularly invited to participate in.





UniForum is a general staff benchmarking activity to assess and improve efficiency and effectiveness. At Griffith, UniForum is sponsored by Peter Bryant, Vice President (Corporate Services) and is administered through Analytics, Planning and Data. 2019 will be the ninth year of Griffith's participation and currently there are 24 universities across Australia and New Zealand participating in the annual program and 18 universities from the UK’s Russell Group.

The UniForum survey provides APD with important insights into operations and assists in making informed decisions relating to areas such as service delivery costs, organisation design, process redesign and investment priorities.

Griffith uses UniForum data to inform continuous improvement initiatives across the University. Griffith then works with other universities to understand where the approach to delivering services is the same or different to others and what could be done in the future to improve the provision and resourcing of support services.

Please visit the UniForum web page for more information.

Library Client Satisfaction Survey

The Library Client Satisfaction Survey evaluates staff members’ satisfaction with equipment, facilities, collections and services on a bi-annual basis. The results indicate that seven out of ten factors identified by respondents as most important were also identified as among the top ten best performed. Performance by library staff was rated the highest among categories whilst facilities and equipment was identified as an area of improvement.

IT Service Quality Benchmarking survey

From its commencement in 2008, the bi-annual Australian and New Zealand University IT Service Quality Benchmarking survey has become the sector's touchpoint for measuring IT service quality and performance. The comparative results provide valuable insight for individual participants and the whole university sector. The feedback helped Griffith understand how well current services are meeting staff needs and identify areas requiring improvement; it enabled IT to benchmark their service standard across the higher education sector.

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