The Surveying of Griffith Students and Staff Policy states that formal approval must be obtained prior to conducting any survey for research purposes of Griffith staff or students. This requirement applies to applicants from the Griffith community, as well as applications from researchers and other bodies external to Griffith.

We have established review arrangements for external researchers who wish to conduct research on a Griffith campus or with our students and staff. External researchers must attach a completed external research application form to the application for ethical review the researcher submitted to their own institution’s ethics review body, plus a copy of their review decision. The documents should be emailed to


To apply to conduct a survey of Griffith staff and/or students please follow these steps:



Step 1

Obtain ethics approval (if required, see Flowchart) prior to submitting your survey application.

Step 2

Complete the Application to Conduct a Survey form and email to

From here, the Communications and Surveys team will process your application to gain formal approval. The authority to gain approval varies according to the requirements of your request. As a general guideline:

  • The Communications and Surveys Manager (for broadcast email requests with ethical clearance, that originate from the Griffith community, that do not offer incentives to children 16 years or younger);
  • The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) for surveys of student populations;
  • The Vice President (Corporate Services) for surveys of staff populations;
  • The Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor for HDR candidate populations;
  • Or The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Engagement) for graduate or former student populations.

Step 3

Distribute your survey. If you choose to, your project will be included in the monthly “Volunteer for Research Projects” email broadcast to students and/or staff. Alternatively, once you receive formal approval you will be prompted with options for survey distribution.

NOTE:  The final broadcast for each year is the end of November. There is no broadcast email sent to staff or students  in December. Broadcasts resume in January of the next year.

Survey flowchart

Survey Flowchart

View the full survey process in a detailed infographic

Application processing time

Application processing times can vary according to the complexity of your survey application. Please allow up to two weeks for approval. Survey promotion or requests should not commence until approval has been received from the Communications and Surveys team.

Upon approval, submissions will be included in the monthly broadcast 'Volunteer for important research projects' which is published at the end of each month.

Volunteer for important research projects broadcast

All surveys that are approved for inclusion in the 'Volunteer for important research projects' broadcast will be published at the end of each month. On request, surveys can be advertised up to a maximum of 3 times, if there is capacity for inclusion. This is usually requested when survey participation numbers are low.

Application questions?

Please contact the Communications and Surveys team on (07) 3735 4688