About the Staff Directory

Our Griffith staff directory displays contact information for University staff and it is accessible by the Griffith community and the general public.

How does the staff directory work?

  • Staff are added automatically when they are allocated a Griffith phone extension
  • Staff personal information is updated automatically when changed in the My Staff Page (HR)
  • Changes to an extension should be done via the extension number or desk phone request (phone profile update) form
  • General changes including location, part time work days, department and specialised roles (e.g fire warden) can be made via the Staff Directory Change existing entry form
  • Staff are automatically removed from the directory 30 days after they have ceased employment with Griffith.

Staff Directory

Adding and removing staff

Adding staff to directory

Staff will automatically populate the Staff Directory when they are allocated a Griffith Phone extension.  You can request to be published under a shared team extension in lieu of your own extension number if required.  These requests will be approved on a case by case basis.

To completely opt out of the appearing in the Directory, you must provide a legitimate business reason and this request is subject to approval by your supervisor and the Staff Directory administrator.

Adding casual or temporary staff

Casual, sessional or temporary staff can be added to the Griffith staff directory if:

  • they have been approved to have their own Griffith phone extension AND
  • they are required to be contactable by the Griffith community and external parties as part of their daily duties AND
  • their supervisor has requested that they are included.

If they do not fulfil the above requirements, they are exempt from being published in the staff directory.

Removing staff from directory

Staff will automatically be removed from the Staff Directory 30 days after they have ceased employment with Griffith.  If you need to remove a staff entry earlier, you can request to delete existing staff entry.

Changing personal data in My Staff Page

Use the My Staff Page to update personal details via Staff Portal > My Staff Page


Change your title / honorific to Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Mx, Doctor, Professor, Associate Professor

Preferred first name

This is the name you commonly use that may be different from your legal first name.  If your preferred first name is blank, your primary first name will be the default.

Primary first/last name

This is your legal first name and surname (last name) that will default. To update your legal gender please contact payroll@griffith.edu.au.

Details will update in the Staff Directory within 3 business days.

Affect on downstream systems

Changing your personal details can affect some Griffith downstream systems:


When you change your name, your email address may change. Your former email address will remain active and emails will redirect to your new email address. For more information, refer to Name changes and your staff email.


Some Financial systems use your name and Griffith ID to as verification, so changes may take a couple of days to automatically update . Refer to Finance for advice.


This system uses your email to verify transactions, so if your email changes, you may need to update your details. Refer to Concur for further help.

Staff directory updates

General directory changes, location changes, part time work days or professional last name

Extension and mobile Number

As a new staff member, your Griffith extension number will be added to the Griffith Staff Directory upon allocation.  If your Griffith extension changes, you need to complete the extension number or desk phone request (phone profile update) form. You can opt to add your Griffith mobile number (if applicable).


When you move to another location on the same campus you can take your extension, but you will still need to update the Staff Directory with your new location details.

If you move to a different campus or move to desk that already has an existing desk phone extension, you will need to complete the extension number or desk phone request (phone profile update) form. Your location will be updated as part of this process.

Professional Last Name

You can add a professional last name to your personal details displayed in the Staff Directory.  Your professional last name will append to your HR primary last name.  For example:  Jane Smith (Jones).

Part Time Work Days or Extended Leave

You can request to advertise your set work days in the online directory (e.g Mon - Wed) or advertise extended leave (e.g. parental leave)

Directory Structure, School or Department name

Directory structure is designed in accordance with the University organisational structure.  
Any changes to structure, school or department name are subject to review and approval before publishing.

Displaying Specialised Roles

Staff with specialised roles within the University can be displayed in the directory upon request. You can update your role in the directory via the Staff Directory Change existing entry form. You must also notify the relevant administration team of any changes to your specialised role.

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