Jabber is a soft-phone that will allow you to answer your desk video phone number on other devices. Jabber allows internal video calls to take place between video phones, desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices (phones and tablets). Using Jabber you will be able to see if colleagues are available, and collaborate with them using your preferred method.

To use Jabber you will need a provided user name and password and  a Griffith phone extension number.

Self Help

You will be able to use Jabber as your standard desk phone to make and receive video calls. You will also be able to make internal calls from within as well as outside the university from a mobile device.

If you are a Griffith Staff member and have never used Jabber before, please download and install the application on your computer or device. There are also getting started and quick reference guides below to follow for both Windows and Mac computers as well as mobile devices.

Mobile Device

To use Jabber on a mobile device or tablet you firstly need to download the application.

  • iPhone/iPad - download 'Cisco Jabber' from the App Store (not Cisco Jabber Video)
  • Android Cisco Jabber - download 'Cisco Jabber' from the Google Playstore (not Cisco Jabber Voice)

What is a Soft Phone?

Installation and Quick Reference Guides

The Quick Reference guides cover topics such how to make a call using your computer or your video phone, receiving a call, forwarding a call, hold and resume a call and call history, as well as, using a phone authorisation code number.

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