About International Roaming

International Roaming is only available upon request for staff travelling on official University business and all requests must be approved by your Head of School, Head of Department or Director prior to submission. It is your responsibility to be aware of call and data charges for the country you are visiting.

Refer to our advice on how to minimise costs while travelling Travelling Overseas for Griffith Staff (PDF)

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Only complete this section for New or Extend Existing International Roaming requests

Approval and responsibilities of traveller

It is your responsibility to obtain approval from your Head of School, Head of Department or Director to activate roaming on your Griffith mobile service prior to submitting this form. Staff requesting international roaming must read the advice provided by Griffith and implement practices to avoid excessive charges. Staff must "ensure no unnecessary or excessive expenditure is incurred" as specified in the Griffith Travel Policy and IT Code of practice.

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