Helping students achieve success

Student Success is committed to improving student experiences and University performance through the enhancement of student orientation and transition, participation and graduate outcomes.

Student Success combines a number of service groups central to the student experience who are committed to helping students succeed.

Goals and objectives

Student experience

Focus on direct, personalised student engagement, aligned with the student lifecycle and recognising specific cohorts, through:

  • An effective orientation and transition experience;
  • A coordinated communication strategy, including proactive outreach through suitable mixed channels and feedback loops; and
  • A program of activities that build graduate attributes and increase employability, with particular focus on leadership, peer lead mentoring and positive student experience.

Nurturing success

Through the Griffith Colleges of Excellence and with provision of an appropriate and attractive range of scholarships, in collaboration with the Office of Marketing and Communications, Future Students and Student Administration Future Students and Admissions Teams, attract quality students in defined cohorts.

Widen participation

Coordinate the provision of projects delivered under the Higher Education Participation Program, including reporting and financial oversight, and deliver cohort specific activities and interventions through scholarships, peer mentoring and leadership activities for low SES students.

Enabling digital resources

  • Coordinate or manage a number of systems that enable activities across the student lifecycle, including the Oracle CX CRM, myOrientation, Orientation Program Builder, CMS and Career Board.
  • Use technologies to provide online, scalable access to information and services.
  • Provide and use data from these systems and technologies to inform service improvements, across the University.

Higher Education Participation Program (HEPP)

The Higher Education Participation Program provides funding to universities to undertake activities and implement strategies that improve access to undergraduate courses for people from disadvantaged backgrounds and improve their retention and completion rates.

Griffith runs various projects and programs for students via HEPP funding.

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