Candidature located away from the University

Candidates who commence their candidature on campus and subsequently relocate elsewhere for a period longer than twelve months, must apply for their candidature to be located predominantly away from the University via myGriffith, My Research, My Candidate Centre.

The University will require information about the following:

  • the resources and facilities available at the location to support the research program (for example, library facilities, computing);
  • a schedule of contact indicating the frequency and medium of communication between the candidate and supervisors;
  • a program of visits to the University (including frequency and duration), for face-to-face interaction with the University supervisors;
  • details of a qualified person at the location who has agreed to act as a local associate supervisor;
  • progress made during candidature, and the work remaining to be completed; and
  • the candidate’s commitment to participate in the research culture of the University.

The Dean, Griffith Graduate Research School may approve a transfer to remote candidature only where the candidature has a high likelihood of success.