Changing from Doctoral candidature to a research masters

Candidates may apply to change from Doctoral candidature to a research masters by completing and submitting the online form  via myGriffith, My Research, My Candidate Centre.

An application to change from Doctoral candidature to a research masters  will include a report that

  • describes the circumstances leading to the request;
  • describes the work completed and remaining to be done;
  • gives a timetable for completion of the work;
  • gives a projected date for completion of the research masters program; and
  • confirms that for professional doctorate candidates, the new masters program is in an equivalent field.

The period of candidature already completed at doctoral level will be deemed to be candidature completed towards the research masters. A candidate who, in order to complete the new program, will exceed the maximum period of candidature applicable to that program, must apply for an extension of candidature. It is expected that the new completion date will be extended by no more than twelve months from the date of effect of the change.

The faculty Dean will be required to certify that continuing supervision arrangements are satisfactory, or advise new arrangements as appropriate.