GGRS Supervisor Workshops

Our HDR supervisor workshop program consists of two compulsory accreditation modules plus a variety of elective workshops. This program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to lead best practice HDR supervision within your industry.

Upcoming Workshops

Supervision 101

This workshop presents an overview of Griffith HDR strategy, intellectual property for supervisors and factors in effective HDR supervision.

  • 6 February, Nathan campus
  • 8 February, Gold Coast campus
  • 14 June, South Bank campus
  • 2 October, Gold Coast campus
  • 4 October, Nathan campus

Research Integrity for Supervisors

This workshop discusses essential research integrity and ethics topics and includes practical strategies to avoid potential pitfalls.

  • 13 February, Nathan campus
  • 15 February, Gold Coast campus
  • 14 June, South Bank campus
  • 9 October, Gold Coast campus
  • 11 October, Nathan campus

Cultural Competency for Supervisors

This supervisor accreditation elective workshop discusses how to successfully supervise HDR candidates from culturally diverse backgrounds including diverse research cultures. Anticipated dates are:

  • 1 May, Nathan campus
  • 2 May, Gold Coast campus

ThinkWell Supervisor Workshops

Facilitated by the ThinkWell group, this supervisor accreditation elective workshop workshop will introduce practical strategies for effective supervision. Anticipated dates are:

  • 15 June, Nathan campus
  • 31 October, Gold Coast campus

Supervisor Accreditation Process

What you need to know about HDR supervisor accreditation

The Supervisor Accreditation Policy details the requirements for accreditation.

Supervisor accreditation has three categories:

  • Accredited (may be appointed as a principal supervisor)
  • Transitional (may be appointed as an associate supervisor or co-principal supervisor, in conjunction with an experienced principal supervisor)
  • External

You may apply to have your HDR Supervisor status updated  from 'transitional' to 'accredited' by writing to the Dean (Research) in your Group.

Accreditation is dependent on the following conditions being fulfilled:

  • Completion of the compulsory GGRS 'Supervision 101' and 'Research Integrity for Supervisors' workshops, plus one GGRS elective workshop for HDR Supervisors.
  • Supervision of one PhD or Doctoral candidate to completion of their degree as an associate or co-supervisor.

Supervisors transferring to Griffith from other universities are required to attend the Supervision 101 and Research Integrity for Supervisors workshops, even if they have previously supervised an HDR Candidate to completion. Our HDR Supervisor Accreditation Pathways document explains this in more detail.

For further information on the requirements for establishing supervisory teams, changes to the supervisory team, and the requirements and expectations, visit the HDR Supervision page.


I don't know what my accreditation status is. How do I find out?

These instructions will show you how to check your accreditation status on our centralised register. If you do not appear on the register or if the information is inaccurate please email and we will investigate further.

Who approves supervisor accreditation?

On the recommendation of your Head of Element, your Dean (Research) will approve your supervisor accreditation status once you have fulfilled the relevant accreditation requirements.

How do I apply for supervisor accreditation?

You should email your Dean (Research) with evidence that you have fulfilled the accreditation requirements. A screenshot of your Griffith training record is usually sufficient evidence of training attendance.

How do I find my training record?

Within the Griffith portal navigate to: My Staff Page > Training > My Training Summary

I have attended other training workshops, can I count these as my elective?

No. Your elective must be chosen from the suite of GGRS supervisor accreditation workshops.

I am sure I attended these workshops but it isn’t reflected in my training record. What do I do?

If you attended recently you should email to request a review of the official workshop sign in forms. If you attended more than a year or two ago then it is probably time for a refresher; keep an eye on your emails for upcoming training invitations.