The question of restricting public access to a thesis that has satisfied the requirements for the degree is separate from the issue of the confidential treatment of theses during examination. It is a fundamental principle that the output of a research higher degree candidature should be in the public domain, however an automatic embargo of one year from the date of the award of the degree will be applied to all theses submitted to the Griffith University Library except when the automatic embargo is waived by the candidate. Following the expiration of the embargo period, it is the University's expectation that most theses accepted for the award of a research higher degree will be immediately available for consultation by staff, candidates and other bona fide inquirers. Any arrangement that may inhibit this expectation must not be entered into without the agreement of the University. By lodging a thesis in Griffith University Library, a candidate consents to its eventual free access for private study and research.

At submission, a candidate may apply to the Dean, Griffith Graduate Research School to further restrict access to the thesis for a limited time after the examination is completed or after the embargo period. The grounds on which restricted access may be granted typically are:

  • the thesis contains confidential material
  • the candidate intends to publish from the thesis, or
  • the candidate is seeking to register a patent.

The period of restriction normally granted will be twelve months. Requests to restrict access to a thesis on a long-term basis will be approved only in exceptional circumstances. Authors who wish to extend the period of restriction beyond that approved should make application to the Dean, Griffith Graduate Research School, before its expiration. During the period of approved restricted access, permission to consult a restricted thesis will rest with the Dean, Griffith Graduate Research School, who will where possible, consult with the author.

Your thesis in the University Library

After your thesis has been lodged with the library, no changes can be made. On this basis, please ensure that you have check your thesis carefully for spelling, formatting or any other errors.

Conferral or award and use of title

Once the Dean, Griffith Graduate Research School is satisfied that the requirements for the degree have been met, the degree will be awarded. Candidates are advised and doctoral graduates may use the honorific 'Dr'.

The Graduations Office will contact candidates in order to ascertain whether they wish to attend the next graduation ceremony, or graduate in absentia.