Some postgraduate research scholarships have a provision for a six-month extension of stipend payments. If you wish to apply for an extension to your scholarship the process is as follows:

Check whether the conditions of your scholarship provide for an extension.

Make your request at least one month before (but no more than two months before) the expiry date of your scholarship.

Lodge your request via myGriffith, My Research, My Candidate Centre with the following supporting documentation:

  • The reason for your request. Your reason must relate to either:
    • problems encountered with your research rather than personal reasons. Provide specific detail about why and when your research was delayed or prolonged; or
    • the undertaking of an industry placement, research internship or professional practice activity approved by the Dean GGRS as part of the HDR program.
  • A schedule for completion of you research and submission of your thesis including detailed monthly targets indicating progress to submission. Please see an example template for a Detailed Completion Plan which can be revised as required.
  • The new date for submission of your thesis.

The request will workflow to your principal supervisor to provide a statement of support.

The final decision will be made by the Dean (Research). Notification of the outcome will be made to you and your Principal Supervisor via email.

Please note: Completion of the Thesis and Candidature Review Milestone will also inform the support, or otherwise, for an extension to a candidate’s scholarship tenure. Where the milestone has not yet been completed or finalised, the application to extend the scholarship tenure must include advice concerning the milestone status and planned completion date.