Under the Higher Degree Research Policy, doctoral candidates admitted to candidature from 1 January 2011 are expected to have at least one peer reviewed output accepted for publication during candidature. Students who commenced prior to this date are encouraged to publish during candidature.

Higher degree research program content policies

Objectives and requirements for publishing during candidature

Higher degree research students are expected to publish during candidature as a means of disseminating their findings and developing their writing skills. In addition, published outputs of research are important records of research activity and are used by the government and the University to measure the intensity and quality of research performance at Griffith.

The output must be produced under supervision and during the period of candidature. The output must be published or accepted for publication during the period of candidature and would normally include the Griffith University by-line. Where there are co-authors, the candidate should be a principal author.  The published output must be peer reviewed and may be a journal article, conference publication, book or book chapter, original creative work, performance or exhibition. It is expected that the output meets the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) definition of research: 'The creation of new knowledge and/or the use of existing knowledge in a new and creative way so as to generate new concepts, methodologies and understandings'. The output must also have been published or made publicly available and be peer reviewed, as per the ERA requirements for research outputs. For more information on the range of acceptable publication types and outputs refer to the Office for Research web site.

The publication may be included in the body of the thesis or in the appendix. Candidates who wish to include the paper within the thesis should refer to the thesis preparation guidelines. Candidates are advised to read this information prior to publishing, specifically in regard to copyright and seeking permission from publishers to include publications within the thesis.

Candidates should endeavour to publish their research in high quality publications. Candidates should consult their supervisor for advice on suitable publications specific to their research discipline. In addition, the library provides support and advice to students on choosing a journal. Candidates should note in particular, advice in order to avoid ‘predatory’ publishers.

The following University guidelines should also be adhered to and contain information on authorship protocols, publishing, and dissemination of research findings:

Resources to assist with publishing during candidature

Resources, workshops and seminars are available to assist candidates to publish their research, including

Contact your supervisor or Higher Degree Research Convenor for further information.

Notification of Publication

Candidates must notify completion of the requirement to publish during candidature prior to submission of the thesis for examination. Candidates can notify completion of the publication requirement at any time via myGriffith, My Research, My Candidate Centre. Candidates will be requested to provide the Griffith Research Online URL for the output, or if this is not yet available the output DOI. If the output is not yet published, candidates will need to attach the output along with evidence that the output has been accepted for publication.

The candidate’s principal supervisor and Dean (Research) will be required to verify that the publication meets the candidature requirement.

Ensure your publication is entered in ‘Symplectic Elements’

For the purpose of external and internal funding, as well as a measure of research performance, it is important that all eligible research outputs are entered into Symplectic Elements. Candidates are requested to ensure that all of their eligible research outputs are entered. For further information please see the website Publications and Outputs.

Exemptions from publishing during candidature

An exemption from meeting the candidature requirement of publishing during candidature may by granted for those candidates whose research

  • contains material that will require access to be restricted because of its confidential or sensitive nature
  • requires access to be restricted due to commercial or industrial factors

Requests for an exemption from completing this candidature requirement are approved by the Dean, Griffith Graduate Research School, on the recommendation of the candidate’s principal supervisor, and Dean (Research).

Candidates may apply for an exemption via the publication notification request at myGriffith , My Research, My Candidate Centre.