Under the Higher Degree Research Policy and the Professional Doctorate policy, candidates admitted to candidature from 1 January 2011 are required to complete an early candidature milestone.

Higher degree research early candidature milestone policies

Objectives of the early candidature milestone

The purpose of this milestone is to:

  • assess whether the candidate has a viable research project and is appropriate for the degree in which the candidate is enrolled.
  • identify whether any further education and training is required to ensure timely completion.
  • identify any resources needed by the candidate to undertake the research.
  • Identify any problems/difficulties that have caused or are likely to cause an impediment to progress.

Exemptions from completing the early candidature milestone

Exemptions from completing the early candidature milestone include:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (by Prior Publication) candidates;
  • candidates who were previously enrolled at another institution who have demonstrated satisfactory progress towards their research topic, as determined by the Dean (Research)
  • candidates enrolled in a research masters program other than the Master of Philosophy may have different requirements and should consult with their Program Director.

Time frames for completing the early candidature milestone

It is expected that the early candidature milestone occur within the following time frames

Doctor of Philosophy6 months12 months
Master of Philosophy3 months6 months
Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical/Organisational Psychology)6 months12 months
Professional Doctorate (Doctor of Education/ Doctor of Visual Arts/ Doctor of Musical Arts) 6 months*12 months*

*according to the requirements of the program

A summary of Higher Degree Research program milestone requirements and timeframes can also be viewed here.

Requirements for completion of the early candidature milestone

The early candidature milestone may include a written and/or oral component. The format for this milestone will be prescribed and administered by each Group and may include a requirement to:

  • submit a written proposal, which includes aims and objectives of the study, justification for the study, preliminary literature review, timeline for completion, education/training needs, resources needed to complete the project.
  • make an oral presentation.
  • attend a workshop or seminar.
  • any other requirement as determined by your Group.

Candidates are advised to consult their principal supervisor on the requirements for completion of the early candidature milestone relevant to their specific faculty and element of study.

Upon completion of the early candidature milestone, candidates are required to lodge the milestone documentation via the early candidature milestone service request at myGriffith, My Research, My Candidate Centre.

Outcome of the early candidature milestone

The Head of Element or delegate ( HDR Convenor), in consultation with your principal supervisor/s, will make a recommendation to the Dean (Research). The milestone will be assessed as satisfactory or unsatisfactory. If a candidate’s progress is unsatisfactory a proposed education and training program will be developed, documented and put in place for the candidate, with progress to be reassessed at a date determined by the Dean (Research).

A candidate may be required to enrol in courses and achieve a specified grade where a need for further research training is identified.