Students should ensure they have followed the thesis preparation guidelines for formatting their thesis and also reviewed the information specific to the examination of their higher degree program.

Checking presentation quality

Students should be aware that significant delays in finalising the examination may arise from a need to correct the thesis where the standard of presentation is found by the examiners to be unsatisfactory. In some cases, examiners have required resubmission and re-examination on these grounds alone. Before submitting the thesis for examination students are advised to complete the following checks:

  • that spelling and other typographical have been corrected. Use of an English (Australian) 'spellcheck' program is sensible, but will not recognise all incorrect usage. A final proofreading of text is essential for identifying errors
  • that grammar and punctuation are correct. Most word processing packages offer a tool for this purpose, however, judgement must be exercised on whether changes suggested are appropriate
  • that all figures and tables are appropriately titled, with correct units of measurement if applicable
  • that all footnotes, table and figure references are correctly cross referenced to the relevant portion of the text
  • that the chosen referencing style is used consistently throughout
  • that the text preparation, printing and sequence are as required by these guidelines
  • that there are no missing pages
  • that the bibliography and reference list, if appropriate are complete and the referencing style applied consistently